IDF Eases Blockade, Authorizes Fuel Delivery From Qatar to Gaza

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The IDF recently approved the transfer to Gaza of 130 thousand liters of fuel, which were donated by the Qatari government and transferred via Egypt. The purpose is to reduce the fuel shortage in Gaza and support the local power plant to lower the frequency of prolonged electrical outages that plague the civilian population there.

The coordinator of government activities in the territories, Major General Eitan Dangot, has recently authorized the delivery to Gaza of 130 thousand liters of fuel donated by the Qatar government. The fuel will be delivered to the Gaza Strip through Egypt. The move is designed to relieve the shortage of fuel in Gaza and enable smoother operation of the local power plant in order to reduce the frequency of prolonged power failures, which disrupt the daily routines of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

The delivery of fuel, scheduled to be implemented over some three months, has been enabled following lengthy staff work led by Major General Eitan Dangot ans involving coordination with Egyptian government officials and Palestinians. According to the plans, the fuel will be delivered via the Nitzana border crossing to Kerem Shalom and from there, to the Gaza strip.

Meanwhile, Major General Eitan Dangot met a few days ago with Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal at the Allenby (King Hussein) Bridge border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank to observe the work done for installing the gantry cargo scanner donated by the Dutch government. A similar cargo scanner is to be installed at the Kerem Shalom border crossing as well.

Last February, an agreement was signed between the governments of Israel and Jordan together with the Palestinian Authority on the installment of the cargo scanners at the Allenby and Gaza border crossings to boost trade between Gaza and Judea and Samaria and Jordan, among other countries.

In addition, in the framework of the policy adopted by the Israeli government with regard to the Gaza Strip, it was agreed in the meeting between Major General Dangot and the Dutch minister of foreign affairs to continue the exports of strawberries and flowers from Gaza to Holland.

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