Northern Cyprus Decides To Adopt a New Name

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Sefa Karahasan reports that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is expected to change the name inscribed in the passports of its nationals to the “Cyprus Turkish Republic.” This comes as Cyprus is set to take over the EU presidency on July 1. A senior Turkish Cypriot official says that date is the deadline to finalize the status of Cyprus. 

The Council of Ministers of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has decided to remove the “TRNC” designation from its passports, and replace it with “Cyprus Turkish Republic” (CTR). The council also decided to add the a “Nationality” field to national identification cards and passports, in which “Cypriot Turk” is to be inscribed.

Following the media reports on the council’s decision, TRNC Minister of Interior Nazim Cavusoglu said, “We are going to preserve the NCTR designation. To comply with international usage, we will inscribe ‘CTR’ into the passports [of nationals].”

On April 16, Turkish newspaper Milliyet ran an article headlined “This is Plan B,” which reported that the TRNC was changing names. A senior official also revealed to Milliyet that relations between Turkey and the EU would be cut once Cyprus takes over the EU presidency on July 1.

“There is no expectation that negotiations over Cyprus will continue thereafter. Plan B will take effect after that date, and the name of the TRNC will be changed to the Cyprus Turkish [Republic],” he added.

The TRNC is already represented as the Cyprus Turkish Republic at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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