Algerian Opposition Cries Foul

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The National Commission for the Supervision of the Legislative Election has gone on record accusing Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika of fraud and willful neglect of voting manipulation. The Commission that issued the damning report, writes Atef Kedadra, is comprised mainly of opposition members who did not fare so well in the elections. 

The National Commission for the Supervision of the Legislative Election reprimanded Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika when he implied that the National Liberation Front (FLN) is his party in a previous speech. The commission said that “His speech was [a] green light for the administration to do whatever it pleases in order to make the party succeed.” The FLN won a landslide majority in the elections held earlier this May.

In its final report, of which Al-Hayat obtained a copy, the commission also criticized the government’s silence on “the candidates whose campaign money was suspicious.” The commission is made up of political party representatives and independent candidates who participated in the May 10 elections. The report hardly mentioned anything positive about the elections. Instead, it criticized the administration’s work, the mass registration process by the security forces, and President Bouteflika’s speech in the Setif province two days before the vote.

The commission’s composition is overwhelmed by the opposition, so many suggest that its scathing commentary on the legislative elections is due to the fact that the opposition parties did not score a spectacular success in the new parliament, which was dominated by the FLN.

The opposition parties claimed that the elections were “fraudulent” and that the FLN’s landslide victory was rigged.

The National Commission for the Supervision of the Legislative Election’s report was the first to be sent to President Bouteflika’s office. A second report has yet to be written and disseminated by a second commission. This commission will differ from the first as it will be comprised of judges.

The commission highlighted additional flaws in the administration’s work. “The administration remained silent when certain dirty, powerful businessmen manipulated the candidate lists, of which some of them were at the top.”  

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