Disqualified Candidate Shafiq Continues Egypt Presidential Run

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Despite being disqualified by the High Elections Commission, Ahmed Shafiq and his camp still insist that he will retain his candidacy for Egypt’s presidential elections, writes Siham Borsoti. The verdict was lauded by the revolutionary forces, who see him as part of the old regime. Recent polls place him third behind Amr Moussa and Moneim Fotouh.

Today [May 10, 2012], the Administrative Court in Egypt will consider the appeal made by the High Elections Commission which challenged the constitutionality of  the court’s recent ruling to eliminate candidate Ahmed Shafiq from the presidential race. This ruling, however, was welcomed by most MPs and revolutionary forces.

In an interview with El-Khabar, Ahmed Serhan, the spokesman for the former prime minister’s electoral campaign, confirmed that the court’s ruling to disqualify Shafiq would not affect his legal position. Serhan responded to the counter campaigns led against Shafiq and to the rumors about his disqualification from the list of candidates by saying, “The allied political parties will be greatly affected by our candidate’s clear positions against corruption and the state of deterioration that has been plaguing Egypt in recent months.”

The spokesman also denied the elimination of Shafiq, stressing that he will run in the forthcoming presidential race. Serhan also confirmed that the High Elections Commission, which is the only authority to approve of candidates, has already declared the final list of candidates.

In the same context, Serhan said that involving the judiciary in the political conflicts, rendering judgments without evidence and trying to mislead the public opinion, are maneuvers used by Shafiq’s electoral opponents. They fail to recognize the reality of the Egyptian street, which rejects extremism and which has lost hope in religious groups and their ability to forge reform. Serhan confirmed that Shafiq will continue to run electoral campaigns across Egypt’s various governorates.

 The revolutionary coalition rejected Shafiq’s candidacy on the grounds that he served as prime minister in the era of ousted president Hosni Mubarak. Shafiq is considered part of the corrupt regime that the revolution sought to topple.

In another development, most polls suggest that Moneim Aboul Fotouh and Amr Moussa, the Arab League’s former secretary general, are in the lead. The latest opinion poll conducted by the Egyptian Public Opinion Poll Center showed that Amr Moussa ranked first with 17% of the votes, and Aboul Fotouh came in second with 16%. Meanwhile, Ahmed Shafiq and Hamdeen Sabahi are competing for third place. It should be noted that young university students make up the bulk of Aboul Fotouh’s base.

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