Parties Mobilize to Challenge Results of Algerian Elections

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Citing “disastrous and fabricated election results”, several Algerian political parties have mobilized to contest the country’s most recent parliamentary elections. Othman Lehyani reports that by coordinating their efforts, they hope to overturn the dubious elections and “form a national government to replace the current authority.”

On May 16 [2012], 10 Algerian political parties held a lengthy meeting at the Algerian National Front headquarters to address the results of the recent legislative elections, and to voice their response to the parties that rejected these results.

Those present included Moussa Touati, head of the Algerian National Front; Abdul Majid Monasara and Ahmed Al-Dan from the Front of Change party; Lakhdar Ben Khalef of the Justice and Development Party; Taher Ben Baabash, head of the New Dawn Party; Jamal Bin Abdul Salam, head of the Party of Algerian Renewal; Mustafa Hamisa, representative of the Freedom and Justice Party; Haidar Bin Dreihem, representative of the Movement of Free Citizens; and representatives of the Al-Infitah (Openness) Movement and the New Generation Party. The Movement of Society for Peace, represented by Radwan Bin Atallah, was also invited.

The parties' leaders and representatives discussed ways to find common political ground and to determine the steps they must take to address what some have called "disastrous and fabricated" election results. Participants agreed to hold a meeting with the Coordination Committee on May 17 in preparation for another extended meeting on Saturday [May 19], which will involve all party leaders. They also agreed to work together to help the political parties that were severely affected by the election results.

Political parties expected the Socialist Forces Front (FFS) and the Workers’ Party to join the meeting. "FFS and the Workers' Party were invited to participate in the meeting, but they were unable to attend due to their own meetings among their leadership. However, they are expected to join us on Saturday," Touati told El-Khabar.  The Movement of Society for Peace, the Movement for National Reform and Ennahda (the Islamic Renaissance Movement) have not yet confirmed their participation in this initiative because they are waiting for the Shura Council to decide on their attendance at Saturday's meeting.

Abdul Razzaq Maqari, deputy president of the Movement of Society for Peace, met with Touati during the last meeting and said, "Our movement urges the FFS and the Workers' Party take part in this initiative, since they are two major parties in Algeria. Their presence at the meeting is essential. We cannot contact these two parties through the media, so we must coordinate with them before Saturday's meeting." He said that "the ten political parties are working together to reach a common solution, which will have a great impact on Algerian politics."

These political parties have agreed to "reject the elections on the grounds that they were neither free nor fair, to file a grievance before the president of the republic and to call for a full-scale investigation into the election process, to boycott the People's National Assembly and to form a national government that would replace the current authority." Touati told El-Khabar that "the party leaders at Saturday's meeting will be presented with the following demands: to urge the president to launch a full-scale investigation of the violations of the election process in the presence of international observers, to unanimously agree that the parties' leaders or representatives will not join the current parliament and to call upon all parties to mobilize their supporters in preparation for whatever decision the Coordination Committee may make."

This will be the second meeting held by the political parties since the minister of the Interior declared the election results on May 11. The Constitutional Council confirmed these results on May 15.

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