New Syria to Negotiate With Israel Declare Interim Leaders in Exile

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As the Syrian regime continues the mass murder of civilians, Syrian opposition representatives in Paris established the "Free Syria Transitional Government" in exile, which is backed by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates. Interim Prime Minister Nofal Dawahibi called Iran and Hezbollah "enemies," and that he would negotiate with Israel on a "just peace."

Syrian opposition representatives announced the establishment of an "interim government of the Free Syria in Paris."

"Israel has supported Nazi-like regimes in the region and should now demonstrate a sincere wish for peace," says Nofal al-Dawalibi, the new prime minister of the Syrian government.

In Paris on Thursday, April 26, Syrian opposition representatives announced the formation of the interim government comprised, for the most part, of Syrian opposition leaders, which would act as a government in exile.

They explained that the move was necessary since the opposition Syrian National Council recognized by the international community had failed to accomplish anything in the seven months of its existence. The new Syrian government in exile is expected to represent larger sectors of the Syrian public, including the Kurdish community, the Christians and tribal groups, and is apparently backed and financed by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates.

Nofal al-Dawalibi, the interim prime minister, is a businessman living in Saudi Arabia and the son of the last Syrian prime minister to be elected — in 1961 — before the 1963 revolution that brought the Ba'ath party and ultimately Hafez al-Assad to power. According to al-Dawalibi, the interim Syrian government in exile considers Iran and Hezbollah to be the enemies of the Syrian revolution.

As to Israel, al-Dawalibi told Maariv: "The same as the United States, Israel has supported dictatorial regimes, including Nazi-like regimes, in the region, such as the regime in Damascus, although they threatened to throw it into the sea, and it carries the responsibility for their preservation. The new Syria will negotiate with Israel on a just peace on the basis of the Saudi peace initiative. Israel should demonstrate a sincere wish for peace along these lines and support the democratic forces in the Arab world."

Meanwhile, further ghastly evidence of the massacre carried out in Syria has been received recently. In a video clip uploaded to the Web several days ago, Syrian soldiers are shown burying alive a resident of a village in the vicinity of Homs.

The appalling execution was performed after the villager was caught taking pictures of Bashar al-Assad's army forces in action. The soldiers seized the victim, dragged him and buried him alive while he was begging for his life. Just a minute before covering his head with earth, they ordered him to say: "There is no God but Bashar." However, the man refused and retorted in defiance, "There is no God but Allah," a saying commonly used as the Islamic expression of faith.

The Syrian regime's forces go on with the mass murder of civilians. Only last Wednesday, April 25, more than one hundred people were killed, most of them in the Syrian army bombardment of one of the neighborhoods in the city of Hama (historic Hamath). The day after, Thursday, April 26, about ten people were killed in shootings by Syrian security forces in Halab, Dir al-Zur and Homs. According to Syrian opposition sources, the death toll of Wednesday's bombardment of the Hama neighborhood stands at 70 inhabitants, including 13 children.

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