Support for Assad Dwindling in Arab and Muslim World

Article Summary
Bashar al-Assad’s continued violence against his own people is indicative of his general delusion, writes Fatih Altayli. In this day and age, not even dictators are supporting one another when it comes to violently suppressing one’s own people. Altayli says that Assad has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the international community and must step down.

Bashar al-Assad continues to kill his people. It is hard to understand logic of dictators. The world has changed but dictators don’t seem to get it; they still think they can do whatever they want as long as it is on their own turf. If [a dictator] doesn’t like what you think, you go to prison. If that is not enough, he can turn his guns, artillery and planes on you. As long as all of this takes place within his own sovereign territory, the dictator thinks he can get away with anything.

The dictator will defy anyone who interferes. Despite all of the examples of those who fell before him, he still cannot reason correctly. The world no longer turns a blind eye on those who oppress their own people. [Dictators like Assad] are challenged and eventually toppled.

[Assad’s] country is doomed but he can’t see it. He still thinks that his hegemonic status will allow him to keep his power base. He continues to rain shells and death upon his own people. However, this is no longer the old order. He just doesn’t see it yet.

The reactions no longer come from Europe and America, but rather from nearby - even from other dictators and monarchs. Let us take Saudi Arabia for example. Friday sermons at Mecca are very important, and they usually talk about Saudi Arabia and a bit about Muslims in general. On occasion, the imam recites special prayers relating to disasters suffered in a Muslim country. This subject is then placed on the Muslim world’s agenda.

In the past, the imam of Harem el-Sherif has given sermons on the Hama massacres, Israel’s attacks on the Palestinians, floods in Pakistan and the earthquakes in Turkey.

Last week the Imam spoke of Syria. It is impossible for such a sermon to be voiced without the permission of the King in a country like Saudi Arabia. This effectively means that the king has written off Bashar and his regime, erasing them from his mind. What’s more, the imam’s sermon will now resonate all over the Muslim world and heighten calls of support for the Syrian opposition.

I don’t know if Assad is aware of the fact that even dictators don’t support dictators anymore. He who persecutes his own people cannot keep his [throne].

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