Time for a "Palestinian Spring"

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The failure of a three-week round of talks between Israeli and Palestinian officials in Amman signals “the death of negotiations,” says Rajeh Khoury. But, he argues, it could also serve as the beginning of a Palestinian Spring.

President Mahmoud Abbas could have been spared all the "exploratory meetings and talks," especially during the American electoral phase, where Barack Obama and his opponents are bending over backwards to win favor with the Zionists. There was no need for the futile, three weeks’ long negotiations in Jordan to discover that Israel will not put an end to its settlements in an attempt to revive the peace process.

In light of all these events we address this question to Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas]: Isn't it time for a Palestinian Spring to alter the equation? In the absence of a real Palestinian state, must not a revolution erupt to recognize the Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and to [reset] relations between the leadership and people?

Can't you see that we stand on the rubble of American and European lies about the "two-state solution?" Haven't you noticed that Mr. Obama raised high the banner of the "two-state solution," only to ignore it in his State of the Union address? The American President did not even bother to mention the name of Palestine. Mr. Abbas, why can't you see that we have been the victims of the Arab dictatorships, living off of their lies and deceptive promises for more than half a century?

In light of this misery and frustration, the time has come for a "Palestinian Spring" to erupt as Mahmoud Abbas has announced that he will soon declare the end of peaceful negotiations and put an end to sterile talks with Israel. The time for a Palestinian Spring has come, as it has become clear that all the efforts exerted to halt the settlements and crimes  against Palestinians are to no avail. Moreover, it has been said that Abbas will move next week to Gaza, accompanied by Khaled Meshaal, to push for the formation of a government of national unity and the reunification of the two parts of the country, which is essential for the beginning of a Palestinian Spring.

Mahmoud Abbas has delivered a strong political and diplomatic speech at the United Nations, securing a place for Palestine at UNESCO despite American and Israeli opposition. With Abbas’ continuous efforts, the state of Palestine could become a member in the General Assembly as well. Although the Palestinian President has refused to return to futile negotiations again and again, Israel has not halted its savage settlement process. A few weeks ago, Israel went so far as to declare that Jerusalem - both Eastern and Western [halves] - is the capital of the Jewish State.  The exploratory talks held in Amman were the last  chance for an agreement. Nevertheless, Israel insisted on proceeding with its settlements, which served as the coup de grace of the negotiations process. Let the death of negotiations be the birth of the Palestinian Spring!

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