Russian-Chinese Veto a ‘Crime’ Against Syria

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Mohammad Al Shaibani contends that the Russian and Chinese vetos at the UN Security Council constitute an unforgivable crime against Syria. He is also critical, however, of the Syrian Free Army, and calls on Syrians to ensure that their country is never again submitted to military rule.

“Birds of a feather fly together” is an example which applies to Russia and China [in their relations] with the evil regime in Syria. [These two countries] have repeated their rare double-veto, which they had previously used against a [draft UN Security Council] resolution on Syria on October 5 [2011].

Day by day, Russia and China continue to provide the Ba’athist regime with cover to perpetuate its massacres!

What these two countries are doing in the corridors of the United Nations has nothing to do with humanity and mercy. The fact is that injustice has plagued [these countries] for a century, and all kinds of [inhumane] exploits have taken place on their territory.

Syria is the last of the party-controlled Arab regimes [that maintains its rule through] assassinations, arrests, imprisonments, torture, repression, human rights violations, vandalism against places of worship and bombings. [This regime] is doomed to fall. The Syrian people must be allowed to know what kind of future lies in store for them. They must resist any kind of military rule. They should not be fooled by the Ba’athist executioners which have [aligned themselves with the revolution] under the name of the Free [Syrian] Army or other labels. From now on, no military regime should govern Syria, for this will only return the country to its malignant rule defined by prisons, detention camps, torture and theft.

Once [the regime] has been toppled, the opposition council should not take its place in pretending to be merciful while maintaining a torturous agenda. In other words, [the new regime] should not [be blinded by the lust] for leadership and power. Let [this country be based] on true nationalism. Let it embrace the [values] held by advanced countries. Let us be optimistic and put more effort [into achieving this task]. Members [of the opposition] who do not [feel prepared for this task] should abandon the political arena and return to their homes. We have had enough of tyranny and despotism. We do not need a replica of the previous regime.

Russia and China have committed a great crime that neither the Syrian, Arab nor any free people across the world can ever forgive. This is why the world is defying the Ba’athist regime. This is why [this regime’s] embassies are being occupied and destroyed, and why there have been increased calls to expel [Syrian] ambassadors from [foreign] countries.

In previous articles, I wrote that no national revolution [can achieve its goal] without the victims who offer their lives [on a silver plate] for the sake of martyrdom and national liberation. [No revolution can succeed without some individuals sacrificing themselves to save their lands] from what is left of the corrupt and abominable bastards and traitors exemplified by the Ba’athists and similar regimes across our great Arab world.

Long live the struggling Syrian people! Long live dear Syria! May the Syrian people have a bright and beautiful future [away from any kind of future intervention]! May it achieve the freedom it has been seeking for four decades, which we can never forget!

Russia and China, may you be meted out the painful divine punishment you deserve! May your countries be shaken so that you know full well the size of the crime you are committing!

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