A Message to the Martyrs of Port Said

Article Summary
The bloody incident at Port Said took place with the consent of certain malicious authorities. In this article, Amjad Arar offers a message to the victims of the soccer riot, and laments that this incident had to tarnish the image of a town which was previously known for its heroic national resistance efforts.

The bloody scene in Port Said has raised more than one red flag. The fact that 75 Egyptians were killed and hundreds more were wounded due to a silly fight only means that [the prevailing rage] must be channeled towards a solution.

Such useless bloodshed is by no means the result of a passion for football. Otherwise, the water of the earth's oceans, seas and lakes would have turned into blood. What is the reason behind this incident? Pure chaos! Do not bother finding other [pretexts]. All you will find are evil people who seek to keep Egypt circling around the first step in the revolutionary journey of a thousand miles - if not back to zero.

Journalists cannot investigate this crime. The job of explaining how weapons entered the stadium and turned it into a lake of blood is one for criminal experts. It is impossible to commit crimes without criminal tools and perpetrators. What is important is to find out who is responsible. [Their motives] clearly went beyond a simple passion for a game cleaner and more honorable than all of the sick people [who get paid] to spark strife.

Some seek to prove that strife does not need sects, doctrines, ethnics and tribes. Conflict can be initiated on a wide range of unthinkable and incredible grounds. [Egypt] embraces dozens of sects, creeds and races. Yet Egyptians have lived for centuries without [sectarian problems or fanaticism] until modern colonialism returned under empty slogans with the help of internal [support].

[On a side note], the journalist who wrote the piece titled "Al-Ahli [Egyptian football team from Cairo] Dreads Battle of Port Said" was simply making a pun. He did not expect that a game, in which the most contentious issue is a [wrongly attributed] red card, could end in violence and bloodshed. Port Said? Is this where you decided to [set off violence]? What a miserable conflict! Forget these [hypocritical and dishonest] people. My heart is bleeding with this city. It is the city that witnessed the evacuation of the last British colonial soldier when our eternal leader Gamal Abdel Nasser declared Egypt's independence and raised the national flag to rid the [city’s] air from 74 years of [British] pollution.

This is a message to the commandos of Port Said, who wrote heroic epics in the early 50s as lessons to all those who love freedom and emancipation and spurn slavery regardless of the form it takes. It is a message to the commando Mohammad Mahran, whose eyes were gouged out by the occupiers. Nasser told you that “they did so to teach Egyptians like you a lesson.” [According to me], you will be stand as an example to all of the free people fighting the occupation.

This is a message to 17 year-old boy Aasran, who killed British [Major John] Williams [Head of the British intelligence services in Egypt] by putting a bomb inside his loaf of bread.

It is a message to the 12 year-old child Hassan Suleiman Hamouda, who led a massive march to [liberate] Egypt and ended dead at the hands of French soldiers. It is a message to the martyr Jawad Hosni, who resisted torture, refused to reveal his secrets and ended up being shot. He was forced to write “Long live free Egypt” on the wall of his prison cell with his own blood.

This is a message to the soldiers in the People's resistance, who blew up a statue of [Ferdinand de] Lesseps, whose name Nasser deliberately uttered as a code-word for [Egyptian forces to seize control and nationalize the Suez canal].

Finally, it is a message to the martyrs of January 25. It is a message written in blood to keep Egypt from regaining its natural role in unifying the divided Arab nation. [It is a message to those who seek to prevent Egypt from returning to its normal seat - vacant until further notice - with the aim of burying "constructive chaos." [This was a term coined by former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in describing her country's foreign policy in the Middle East].

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