Lebanese Sources Claim Situation in Syria "Beginning to Stabilize"

Article Summary
Reports reaching Beirut from Damascus indicate that the crisis in Syria may be moving towards a resolution. The absence of clear alternatives to the Assad regime has apparently lead many foreign powers to reassess their support for the uprising, creating a climate in which the regime can maintain its position, while offering broadbased reforms to the domestic opposition. Daoud Rammal reports.

Lebanese officials have received encouraging information from people involved with the Syrian crisis, pointing to a radical change in the prevailing mood of the situation in Syria. [The reports received by these sources] are bolstered by the content of discussions between prominent Lebanese government parties and the Syrian leadership, which were never suspended. [These discussions were conducted] within the framework of ongoing consultation and coordination between the two countries “based upon the common concern to deal peacefully with the crisis on the basis of implementing reforms and avoiding bloodshed.”

A source in the know clarified to Al-Safir that “diplomatic reports reaching Beirut from Damascus point to a gradual improvement of the situation in Syria, and [indicate] that President Bashar al-Assad’s latest speech and his address to the crowds in Umayyad Square are part of a far-reaching preparations for a stage that will necessitate forgiveness and lead to a broad national reconciliation. [This stage will] require the formation of an expanded national unity government containing all Syrian factions and the main components of the internal opposition, headed by an opposition figure such as the leftist leader Qadri Jamil - whose chances of receiving the job have recently increased - in addition to other individuals who command a great deal of respect from the Syrian and Russian leaderships.

The same source added that “all those who have met with President al-Assad or have communicated with him by telephone or through emissaries have observed his serious intention to effect substantial and comprehensive reforms, culminating in general elections governed by pluralistic norms, with the participation of political parties regulated by the new Political Parties Law in such a way as to guarantee Syria a smooth transition towards reform.” The source thought it likely that the next Regional Conference of the Ba’ath Party would represent a turning point for the movement towards reform.

The source further quoted diplomatic sources as saying that “the Syrian regime is too strong to collapse, and Arab and Western circles are growing more convinced of that fact even if they have not expressed it. Yet they still try, with all their might, to wear the regime down so that the so-called theory of changing the regime’s behavior comes into play.”

The sources affirm that “the conviction that the current regime in Syria will endure is based upon this regime being considered as a guarantor, not only of regional security, but also of international peace and security, because the alternative to the secular Syrian regime remains unknown and open to many possibilities.” The source pointed out the horrific bloody explosions that occurred in Damascus which pushed many countries, especially those that share a land or sea border with Syria, to reevaluate their position based upon their fear of a deteriorating internal situation in that country.

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