Second fireworks explosion in a week kills police in Turkey

Thursday's blast followed a massive fireworks explosion at the same factory last week in the northwest.

al-monitor A screenshot from video footage shows damage to a factory in Sakarya province after an explosion on July 3, 2020. Photo by YOUTUBE/DHA.

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Jul 9, 2020

A second fireworks-related incident in less than a week has led to the deaths of Turkish military police today.

On Thursday, a truck carrying fireworks from a factory in the northwest exploded, killing three Turkish military police. The truck was on its way to a controlled demolition site in the Sakarya province. Eleven other military police members were wounded, The Associated Press reported.

Last Friday, a massive explosion at the same factory resulted in seven deaths and more than 120 injuries, also according to The Associated Press.

The incident today reportedly occurred when the fireworks were being unloaded.

Videos purporting to show last week’s blast on social media show a massive amount of smoke emanating from the site.

Many Turks criticized the seemingly careless process by which security forces handled fireworks on social media following the news. The factory has had several explosions in recent years, according to the Turkish news site Ahval.

It is possible the factory is at fault for the blasts, according to authorities. A total of four people were detained by police following the first explosion, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported. They were arraigned on involuntary manslaughter and other charges.

In response to widespread public outcry, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said the investigation into the blast is continuing, and the plant's working permit and license will be temporarily terminated pending results of the investigation, Ihlas News Agency reported today.

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