Women’s rights

Egypt’s first female MMA fighter blazes trail for more women

Aya Saeid has become Egypt’s first MMA fighter by breaking stereotypes in the patriarchal society.

Menna A. Farouk | Women’s rights | janv. 10, 2021
al-monitor Aya Saeid is seen training in Cairo in this undated image. Photo by FACEBOOK/Aya Saeid.

How female politicians in Turkey's ruling party help strengthen patriarchy

Female representatives of Turkey's ruling party have been a useful tool to expand patriarchal policies.

Pinar Tremblay | Women’s rights | janv. 5, 2021

Facebook launches partnership with Egypt to protect women from cyber harassment

Egypt’s National Council for Women teams up with Facebook for extra online security and protection for female users prone to online harassment and violation of their personal freedoms.

Alaa Omran | Women’s rights | janv. 2, 2021

Lebanon passes law criminalizing sexual harassment

Lebanese lawmakers broadened what constitutes domestic violence but did not specifically outlaw marital rape.

Al-Monitor Staff | Women’s rights | déc. 21, 2020

Egypt moves fight against harassment to its trains

The Egyptian National Railways launched a new campaign to combat harassment on public transport, namely on trains, calling on women to report any incident they encounter.

George Mikhail | Women’s rights | déc. 18, 2020