Russia in Syria

Moscow, Damascus shadowbox in Syria’s grey zones

The newest twist in Syria involves a Russian-backed military group working to carve out an autonomous zone for itself in the southwest and even clashing with regime forces, perhaps paradoxically seeking to boost regime's legitimacy.

Anton Mardasov | Russia in Syria | juil. 31, 2020
al-monitor A Syrian civilian walks past a shell hole after Syrian government forces recently recaptured the village of Ghariyah ash Sharqiyah from the rebels, in the province of Daraa, on July 4, 2018. Photo by YOUSSEF KARWASHAN/AFP via Getty Images.

Will there be a new military confrontation in Syria’s Idlib?

The possibility of renewed conflict continues to simmer in the war-torn province of Idlib months after Ankara and Moscow reached a cease-fire agreement.

Kirill Semenov | Russia in Syria | juil. 29, 2020

Is Turkey headed for compromise or fresh fighting in Idlib?

Turkey’s military buildup and efforts to collaborate with the dominant rebel group in Idlib appear to be the harbinger of a fresh war in the region, yet rebel forces suspect that Turkey is willing to concede to Russia.

Fehim Tastekin | Syria Conflict | juil. 29, 2020

Russia’s combat dolphins may have been used in Syria: report

Satellite imagery shows possible marine mammal pens at Russia's naval base in Syria during late 2018.

Al-Monitor Staff | Russia in Syria | juil. 20, 2020

First confirmed COVID-19 case detected in northwest Syria

The first case of the coronavirus in Idlib follows a veto at the UN Security Council today of a resolution that would have allowed aid to reach the embattled area via Turkey.

Al-Monitor Staff | Coronavirus | juil. 10, 2020