Gaza band plays music to uplift spirits, bring hope

The Street Band plays music for free in Gaza's public places, in a attempt to help Gazans forget their daily sufferings.

Sanaa Saida | Gaza | juil. 20, 2020
al-monitor Hammad Atwa, a Palestinian man who makes lutes, known in Arabic as an "Oud", works on a musical instrument at the Khan Younis refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip on Feb. 19, 2014. Photo by SAID KHATIB/AFP via Getty Images.

Iran offers unconditional support to Hamas, Islamic Jihad

Hamas is sparing no effort to restore its relations with Iran, which announced that it will provide all necessary support to the Palestinians facing the Israeli annexation plan of the West Bank.

Rasha Abou Jalal | Armed Militias and Extremist Groups | juil. 13, 2020

Gazans fall victim to 'frozen dollars' scam

Dozens of Gazans who want to get rich quick have already fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme by buying "frozen dollars" from unknown sellers at half price.

Ahmad Abu Amer | Gaza | juil. 9, 2020

Qatar National Bank hit with lawsuit over Americans killed by Hamas in Israel

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in New York by dozens of relatives of 10 Americans killed or wounded by Hamas attacks in Israel and the West Bank.

Al-Monitor Staff | Courts and the law | juin 12, 2020

Gaza municipalities suspend services amid coronavirus crisis

Municipalities in the Gaza Strip issued a decision to reduce some services provided to citizens in light of the coronavirus crisis.

Entsar Abu Jahal | Gaza | mai 15, 2020