Cultural heritage

French statue considered offensive by Egyptians back in spotlight

Egyptian archaeologists are taking advantage of the global anti-racism movement to renew their calls on the French government to remove a statue of Jean Francois Champollion, who deciphered hieroglyphics, kneeling on the head of a Pharaonic king.

Salwa Samir | Cultural heritage | juin 17, 2020
al-monitor A statue in the courtyard of the College de France depicts Jean Francois Champollion, who deciphered hieroglyphics in the 19th century, standing with his left boot on a copy of a Pharaonic king’s head. Photo by TWITTER/cdf531.

Will Covid-19 put an end to hookah culture in Egypt?

Once a symbol of Egypt’s cafes and mentioned through history, hookahs are slowly disappearing from society amid the closure of cafes across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ahmed Elleithy | Cultural heritage | juin 17, 2020

Ankara unfolds Hagia Sophia card against COVID-19 crisis

Erdogan’s government has signaled it could consider turning the Hagia Sophia Museum into a mosque as part of religious messages aimed at keeping its voter base intact under the strain of economic turmoil, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kadri Gursel | Cultural heritage | mai 20, 2020

Iraqi series produced by Saudi Arabia sparks controversy

Some TV programs on Saudi-funded channels have sparked controversy among Iraqis.

Omar al-Jaffal | Cultural heritage | mai 20, 2020

Israel’s top court cancels bonus plan for artists performing in settlements

The High Court rules in favor of a petition that sought to end a policy of giving government bonuses to artists who performed in West bank settlements.

Rina Bassist | Cultural heritage | mai 13, 2020