Corruption and nepotism

Ex-Ninevah governor arrested as Iraqi government reins in corruption

The arrest and forced removal of Iraqi government officials signals attempts to curb rampant corruption that has plagued the country.

Joe Snell | Corruption and nepotism | oct. 27, 2020
al-monitor On June 15, 2020, debris is cleared that was still left from the Battle of Mosul, when Iraqi forces and allied militias regained the northern Iraqi city from the Islamic State group in 2017. The capital of Ninevah province was seized by the jihadis in 2014; the nine-month offensive to recapture Iraq's second city left many neighborhoods in ruins. A former governor of Ninevah province now stands accused of absconding with a signficant amount of reconstruction money. Photo by ZAID AL-OBEIDI/AFP via Getty Images.

Iraqi cleric pushes for elections, new social contract, in support of prime minister

Iraqi cleric Ammar al-Hakim, the head of Iraqioun parliamentary bloc and Hikma movement, is seeking to chart a nonsectarian alternative to the existing political structure.

Ali Mamouri | Institution building | oct. 16, 2020

France’s Sarkozy charged in Libya campaign funding probe

Prosecutors are investigating whether the former French president received illegal campaign financing from Moammar Gadhafi's regime.

Al-Monitor Staff | Corruption and nepotism | oct. 16, 2020

Submarine scandal keeps haunting Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not indicted in the submarine affair, but many Israelis are demanding that the case be further investigated.

Rina Bassist | Corruption and nepotism | oct. 15, 2020

Corruption continues to threaten Iraq’s stability

Despite the prime minister's efforts, corruption remains a big driver of Iraq’s instability.

Azhar Al-Ruabie | Corruption and nepotism | oct. 8, 2020