China in the Mideast

Egyptian schools to add Chinese language

China is growing its ties to Egypt with a deal with the government for Egyptian schools to offer the Chinese language.

Muhammed Magdy | China in the Mideast | sept. 18, 2020
al-monitor The Karnak Temple in Upper Egypt's ancient city of Luxor is pictured on March 1, 2020, with the Chinese flag in solidarity with the Chinese people amid a global outbreak of COVID-19, which originated in China. Photo by AFP via Getty Images.

Dubai company to work on direct trade route between UAE and Israel

DP World is partnering with Israeli companies to establish a trade route between Dubai and Eilat and to bid on the strategic Port of Haifa.

Al-Monitor Staff | China in the Mideast | sept. 16, 2020

Potential China-Iran pact has major implications for Pakistan

As speculation abounds over a leaked draft of an economic and security deal between Iran and China, its potential effects on Pakistan stand out as particularly dramatic.

Sabena Siddiqui | China in the Mideast | juil. 28, 2020

Trump loosens rules on armed drone exports amid rivalry with China

The new US policy will allow the United States to export armed drones after reinterpreting a 35-nation agreement aimed at limiting the proliferation of rocket-based weapons.

Al-Monitor Staff | China in the Mideast | juil. 27, 2020

What China-Iran deal means for Washington

China's reported multibillion economic and security deal with Iran could be a double-edged sword.

Daniel Hoffman | China in the Mideast | juil. 23, 2020