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Turkish Central Bank holds interest rate steady

As forecasted, Turkey’s Central Bank policymakers held a key interest rate steady Thursday, saying they would continue working to reel in the nation’s double-digit inflation.

Diego Cupolo | Turkish economy | janv. 21, 2021
al-monitor A man holds a smartphone as he walks past a screen showing rates at a currency exchange agency near the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul on Sept. 24, 2020. Turkey's Central Bank on Sept. 24, 2020, raised its main interest for the first time since September 2018, boosting the rate by 2 percentage points to help the lira recover from historic lows. Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images.

Cash-strapped Turkey relies on Qatari investments

In only five years, Qatar has come to account for 15% of all foreign direct investments in Turkey, second only to deep-rooted Dutch investors.

Mustafa Sonmez | Turkey-Gulf relations | déc. 2, 2020

International financial alliance forms to help Iraq

Several countries are forming an economic alliance to help Iraq in its financial crisis.

Salam Zidane | Economy and trade | nov. 13, 2020

Iran desperate to maintain Iraqi financial lifeline

Iran seeks to maintain the flow of hard currency from Iraq to help it overcome the US sanctions.

Mustafa Saadoun | Sanctions | oct. 28, 2020

Egyptians turn to Bitcoin amid coronavirus crisis

Soaring prices of cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin, are tempting many unemployed Egyptians seeking to achieve quick gains, amid fears of Bitcoin being exploited to finance terrorism or illegal trade.

David Awad | Banking and Finance | sept. 25, 2020