New Intelligence Book Takes Tehran By Storm

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The new book by veteran Israeli and American journalists who claim Mossad, not exiled Iranian agents, assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists made a huge splash in the United States last week. This week, it made its way to Tehran, where it became the talk of the town.

Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars, the book that deals with the Intelligence war Israel is covertly conducting against the Iranian nuclear program, has become the talk of the town in Tehran.

The book has been written by veteran Israeli journalists Dan Raviv, who is a senior correspondent for CBS News and an expert on the Middle Eastern issue, and Yossi Melman, a prominent commentator on Intelligence issues. Immediately upon its publication in the United States last week, the book set off a media buzz due to its sensational disclosures. Among other things, it is argued in the book that "the mysterious hit men on the motorcycle" that did away with the Iranian nuclear scientists were not Iranians but rather agents of Israel's national intelligence agency, the Mossad, who had infiltrated Iran. It is further claimed in the book that Israel has several "hideaway apartments" in Iran, held in its possession since the days of the Shah regime, which serve as a hiding place for the Mossad agents where they get organized for action.

The book has been reviewed at length by the Iranian media and raised great interest in Internet websites associated with the opposition and the government alike. Press TV, Iran's television network broadcasting in English,which is associated with the regime in Tehran, produced an extended feature article that challenges the claims made in the book and casts serious doubt on the assertion that the hit men were Israelis. An Iranian website specializing in Intelligence news also disputes the claim that Israel is capable of sending Mossad agents to Iran and returning them back home freely.

A translation of the book to Hebrew, published by Yediot Books, is expected to be on sale in bookstores in Israel as of Monday, July 16 under the title literally translated as The Shadow Wars: The Mossad and the Intelligence Community.

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