Rabin Assassin's Brother Takes to Facebook, Has No Regrets

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Yigal Amir’s brother, who was recently released after 16 years in prison for his role in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, is already back on track, writes Arik Bender. He's created a Facebook page where he says they had planned on killing Rabin two years earlier and explains why the assassination was vital for Israel.

A photograph of graffiti against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that reads “Bibi should burn” opened a stormy discussion on Facebook last week. The star of the discussion was none other than Hagai Amir, brother of Yigal Amir who assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. In response to user comments, Hagai wrote, “There is no connection between ‘incitement’ and Rabin’s elimination. That is just a leftist tool for hounding the right wing, which in its stupidity is going along with it and even bothers to respond to these words of nonsense. We decided to eliminate Rabin two years before hand with the signing of the Oslo Accords,” [which created the Palestinian Authority and ceded some areas of the West Bank to Palestinian control in 1993.

Hagai Amir was released from prison 2 months ago, after serving a 16-year sentence behind bars for not preventing Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. Since then, he has started a Facebook page, become an avid user and has 316 Friends. (Hagai’s younger brother Amitai opened the Facebook account for him.) It seems that Hagai is excited about his activities on the social network and uses Facebook to disseminate his opinions.

In an online debate on Wednesday night, some of the surfers expressed backing for Amir’s comments while others expressed deep shock at the very fact that he allows himself to share his musings with others. The jumping-off point of the discussion was a comment by a user that was attached to the graffiti-incitement photo against Netanyahu. “Harsh incitement against a prime minister led to the despicable assassination of a prime minister in November 1995,” wrote the user. “Dangerous voices of incitement are heard freely today as well, as if we learned nothing as a democratic society — and the writing is on the wall.” At this point, users began to exchange opinions: whether today’s incitement is similar to the incitement leading to Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, and whether Rabin would have been killed “because of Oslo” even without the incitement against him. Orit Kopel, one of the participants in the debate, wrote, “It is terribly confusing. I thought it was Yigal Amir, and now I see that it was Oslo. Anonymous writings on the wall do not approach the organized factional incitement against Rabin.” At this point, Hagai Amir intervened to say that “as an expert witness” there was no connection between Rabin’s elimination and these “words of nonsense.”

One of the users commented, “Hagai Amir, you are the most objective person regarding everything connected to the Rabin assassination, on Facebook and in general.”

Amir answered, “I tell it like it was. I am not afraid of the reign of terror in this country and I am not committed in any way to the culture of falsehood they tried to inculcate in me by force, and failed.”

Another user was interested in knowing, “Were you upset that Yigal assassinated the prime minister without you?” Amir answered, “I am happy that he is alive despite everything, and I am happy that he succeeded. I was prepared to do prison time.”

“Do you feel like seeing Batman?”

The dialogue turned into a quasi “press conference” with Hagai Amir. He was asked for his opinion regarding the intentions of awarding full university status to the college in Ariel. Someone even asked him, “Do you feel like seeing the new Batman movie?” — evidently an allusion to the massacre carried out by a lunatic at the premiere screening of the Batman film in Colorado last weekend. Amir did not reply.

One surfer asked, “Why do you use the word ‘eliminate’ as if you are talking about a Hamas terrorist when you plotted to kill Rabin, instead of ‘assassination’ which was what happened in reality?”

Amir answered, “All of Hamas put together did not cause as much damage to the Jewish nation as Rabin caused [by signing the Oslo agreement].”

A user by the name of David Ben Zvi expressed outrage at the impromptu press conference. “Why are you conducting a discussion with him! Forgive me, but you are a bunch of retards. The fact that you give him a platform, already gives him power. This zero should be the most isolated human being on the planet, and no one should relate to him at all."

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