Wave of Streetfighting Ripples Across an Unsettled Egypt

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As Egypt continues its rocky transition toward democracy, a wave of violent fighting has swept the country. Dozens have been killed and wounded in disputes ranging from arguments over land to a disagreement during a street football match. 

Fights involving Molotov cocktails, firearms and other weapons broke out in six of Egypt’s provinces on Tuesday [July 24]. Some of the fights were over a financial disagreement and a dispute over a parcel of land, leaving eight dead and 69 wounded. In these instances, the suspects were arrested and reports were issued so that investigations could commence.

Kubra, in Giza, turned into the scene of a street war between shop owners and street vendors. The fight, which resulted in four injuries, destroyed nine shops and eight cars.

A battle erupted between police forces and the family of a shop owner in Talibiya. A policeman sustained gunshot wounds.

Seven pedestrians were wounded by gunfire in the Agouza area of Cairo when a fight broke out between a restaurant owner and a company chairperson. Those injured were bystanders. The fighting also damaged eight cars.

In the town of Owseem a fight involving knives and sticks erupted between a drug dealer and an unemployed individual who objected to drugs being sold in front of his house. The fight ended with both men wounded. Another quarrel between two Bedouin families left three others dead and two injured.

In Suez, a gun battle between two families over a parcel of land killed five people. A female bystander was among the victims.

In al-Fayoum, a fight arose between two families after a vendor tried to impose control over the area. One person was killed and 23 were wounded in the fight.

In Alexandria, an argument occured over a football match played in the street. The argument spiraled into a fight as dozens interfered with firearms, ending with one person killed and five injured.

A fight between two families erupted in al-Gharbia governorate, where automatic weapons and Molotov cocktails were used, killing three persons and injuring 22 from both sides. While a financial disagreement was behind the fight, the security directorate needed 10 fighting units to regain control of the situation.

A firefight in Sohag between two families resulted in four victims from both sides being transported to a hospital for treatment.

In Menoufiya, Governor Ashraf Hilal denied what the security forces had previously stated about an incident in the village of Sdoud that killed six people and injured several others. Hilal said that a dispute over propane gas cylinders was not at the root of the incident, contradicting what the security agencies have reported, stressing that the parties involved in the incident had had prior differences.

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