Israel Hires More Female Bosses But Still Lags Behind Kazakhstan

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Israel ranks 11th among the 59 developed nations in female work-force participation relative to population, up from 13th, according a new survey by the Institute for Management Development. Gad Lior reports that while Israel rose to 24th place from 31st for the participation of females in managerial ranks, it still lags behind Poland, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

Israel’s competitiveness ranking rose to 11 out of 59 developed countries in the world for female participation in the labor force. With regards to female managers, Israel ranked only 24th. These are the results of a new poll of the international Institute for Management Development (IMD), whose data was processed in Israel by the Israel Chamber of Commerce Association.

Israel’s ranking in female participation of the labor force rose two notches and now precedes Mexico, Jordan and Qatar but lags behind countries such as Denmark, France, Russia and Canada.

Regarding the rate of females in managerial positions relative to the population, Israel rose seven notches (from 31st place to 24th place) in 2011, and is now preceded by countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Ireland. Countries lagging behind Israel include: Argentina, Peru, China, Turkey, Indonesia and Qatar.

The number of women employed in managerial positions rose 9.2%, or 6,100, to 72,600 in 2011. Women employed in managerial positions constitute 5.1% of total employees. The 139,300 men employed in managerial positions represent 8.7% of total employees.

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