In Depth

Rough justice

It's decision time for Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission.

Sam Kimball | In Depth | Dec 27, 2019
al-monitor Photo by Photo illustration by Ed Woodhouse/Al-Monitor.

Death of the Nile

An in-depth look at how the lifeblood of Egypt is running dry.

Ayah Aman | In Depth | May 23, 2019

One vote, three corpses

How a referendum in Turkey tore apart a village and a family

Murat Can Bilgincan | In Depth | Nov 7, 2018

Abbas bids adieu

Palestine says good-bye to the US-led peace process

Daoud Kuttab | In Depth | Aug 1, 2018

The dueling ayatollahs

Khamenei, Sistani, and the fight for the soul of Shiite Islam

Ali Mamouri | Rouhani in Iraq | Apr 25, 2018