Turkish Energy Company Vows To Keep Selling to Syria

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A Turkish energy company provides 7%  of Syria’s total energy requirements, providing power for over 1 million people in Aleppo. As the Syria crisis continues, the Turkish government has hinted it could end energy agreements with the country, but the company has said it will continue to provide electricity through domestic markets. 

Cemil Kazanci, Chairman of the Board for AKSA Energy, said that the government has not told the company to stop delivering power to Syria. AKSA Energy is responsible for 7% of Syria’s total power consumption, including one million people in Aleppo. Kazanci said if it is not able to sell its power to Syria, the company will sell it in the domestic market.

As the crisis with Syria continues, Turkey hinted that it could end its energy agreements with Syria, which currently stands at 250 megawatts per year.

The Turkish-Syrian deal for electricity sales is now four years old. For the first three years, the power was sold by Turkish state corporations before it was privatized. AKSA Energy is the current corporation that exports the annual 250 megawatts to Syria. According to what Kazanci said to Radikal, the sales agreement is still valid.

“Our agreement is a long term one. Transmission lines are maintained regularly. If the government says 'no more transmissions,' then we will cut it off because it is the state that produces power in Turkey. If we are not allowed to export the power, then we will sell it inside Turkey so we won’t lose anything.”

“But there is a humanitarian aspect as well. The refrigerators for one million people in Aleppo require electricity. Illumination is not as important but the temperature is hovering around 45 degrees centigrade, and air conditioners won’t work. How can they cope with it? We are providing power to 7% of Syria.”

Noting that Aleppo needs electricity more for cooling than illuminating, Kazanci said there is nothing they can do should Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan order them to “stop exporting electricity.”If this happens, Turkey will be leaving Aleppo to its own devices to cope with it.

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