New "Made in Iran" Exhibit Opens in Beirut

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Nearly 70 Iranian companies are participating in a five-day exhibition of Iranian products that range from the automotive and medical equipment industries, to handicrafts, carpets and food. The exhibit is aimed at significantly increasing the volume of bilateral trade between Iran and Lebanon.

Minister of Economy and Commerce Nicola Nahhas and the Ambassador of Iran in Lebanon, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, launched the “exclusive exhibition of Iranian products in Lebanon” entitled “Made in Iran” at the Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure (BIEL) Center.

Nearly 70 Iranian companies are participating in the five-day exhibition. They range from the automotive and medical equipment industries, to handicrafts, carpets, food, construction companies, petrochemicals, agricultural tools, oil derivatives, and even technical and engineering services related to electricity and energy.

The Iranian commercial attaché in Lebanon Abbas Abdul Khani told Al-Safir that “the exhibition is officially the first to market Iranian products in Lebanon. It aims to boost trade and economic relations between the two countries.” Abdul Khani stressed that “the exhibition is a good opportunity for trade and signing agreements between private companies in both countries.”

He hoped that “the exhibition would be a positive step toward increasing bilateral trade relations between Iran and Lebanon from $150 million to $1 billion per year over the next three years.” He also said that “the next step should be to arrange a ‘Made in Lebanon’ exhibition in Iran next year.”

Abadi kicked off the opening ceremony by saying that “the exhibition is an important trade event between the two countries.” He added that “the different sectors participating in the exhibition represent a small fraction of Iran’s market potential.”

He noted that “the exhibition expresses the genuine will between both countries to promote trade and economic relations between Beirut and Tehran,” stressing that “the time has come to act on their bilateral agreements on economy, trade, science and culture,” and that “this exhibition has come to serve this purpose.”

For his part, Nahhas said that the exhibition exemplifies the need to develop bilateral relations, noting that increasing trade volume is the first step toward strengthening ties between the two countries. He added that this exhibition served to change people’s perception of Iranian exports, as the small exhibitions in the past did not truly reflect Iran’s industrial and commercial importance.

Nahhas said that the ministry encourages putting the signed agreements into practice, and that they support boosting ties and communication between businessmen in both countries.

Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Masoud Movahedi discussed the status of Iranian industries and exports in figures and numbers, as well as the level of their development. He hoped that through bilateral political and economic relations, the two countries can enhance joint investment. 

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