New Solar, Wind Energy Combo Promising for Israel and Palestine

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An Israeli company is preparing to exhibit a solar turbine that can produce energy on both windy and sunny days, writes Yael Darel. Parts of the Palestinian Authority are particularly interested in this hybrid source of energy because it would allow them to be independent of unreliable electricity grids.

A new Israeli adaptation that integrates solar energy with wind energy is arousing interest in the Palestinian Authority — precisely in places where connection to electrical infrastructure is inadequate. The “solar turbine,” developed by the Shahar Energy Company, will be on display for the first time at the Clean Tech exhibition being organized by the Mashov Company, which will take place at the beginning of July in the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds.

“The concept behind the new product is simple: On cloudy but very windy days, the turbine blades will operate to produce energy from the wind, while on sun-drenched days only the solar panels will operate to produce ‘clean’ electricity from the sun’s rays. Our company has developed the special system that synchronizes these two functions,” says CEO Zeev Peretz.

The company estimates that they have invested approximately $650,000 in the development of the integrated system. They say that when compared to separate solar-energy and wind-energy systems, their new product exhibits greater efficiency by tens of percentage points.

According to Peretz, “interest in the product now comes mainly from the Judea and Samaria settlements, since the product we developed ensures a reliable, continuous source of electricity and, in most cases, makes it unnecessary for the users to connect to the local electrical infrastructure.”

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