Lebanon-Turkey Ferry Service To Bypass Syria, Boost Tourism

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A bi-weekly ferry service is set to open between the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli and Mersin in southern Turkey. Officials hope this will help make up for some of the trade and tourism revenue that has been lost as a result of the violence in Syria.

To help ease some of the hardships facing the trade and tourism sectors since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, a ferry service between the cities of Tripoli, Lebanon and Mersin, Turkey will be inaugurated on June 11. Numan Olcar, the president of the Mersin Tourism Platform, said that his organization has been working on several projects to develop tourism in Mersin, and that a ferry connection with Tripoli was one of them.

He said that the Tourism Platform did its part in inaugurating the service. “From now on hotels and agencies will have to work to develop cooperation in the tourism sector,” he said.

“The Mersin-Lebanon ferry boat connection was essential to boost tourism in the region, and offers an opportunity to make up for the lost Syrian market," he went on. "The project is supported by Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On the first ferry, we are planning a visit for the members of Mersin Association of Tourism Investors and Operators to Lebanon. We want to meet the sector representatives and to invite them to Mersin.”

The twice-weekly Mersin-Tripoli ferry service will begin on June 11, 2012 and will transport passengers, cars, buses and trucks.

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