Turkish Logistics Company Plans Aggressive Expansion in the Gulf

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Yasemin Salih reports that the Netlog Group, a Turkish logistics company whose clients include the ISAF in Afghanistan, is planning an ambitious expansion in the region. Aiming for nearly $550 million in revenue by 2015, the group is looking to buy other logistics companies and is investing $250 million this year, with $25 million in the Gulf.

Netlog Logistics, the company that carries food provisions to American soldiers in Afghanistan, is constructing giant warehouses in the Gulf countries while preparing for a $250 million investment in Turkey. It has become a success story in the international procurement logistics industry, and the company is searching for more companies to buy inside and outside of Turkey.

By buying out Izmir’s Anele Logistics last year, Netlog is now responsible for the procurement logistics of the United Nations. The company carries food supplies to the entire International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, including the Turkish contingent. Netlog chairman Gokalp Cak said that in last three months, 15 of their trucks were bombed in Afghanistan, saying, “We transport the cargo that comes to Mersin from the US to 10 central military supply bases with a weekly load of 50 to 100 containers.”

Gokalp Cak said their annual growth has been 50%. “We have new projects to further expand by buying additional companies. We are reaching for 1 billion Turkish lira ($548 million) in revenue for 2015.” Netlog has 12 companies in its group and it also operates gas stations.

Anele has been a major acquisition for Netlog. It is currently making $19 million in revenue, but that number is expected to go up to $200 million by 2015. “Anele buys wholesale foods from various parts of the world and supplies armies, NGOs and oil platforms,” Cak said, adding that they are about to buy an air-cargo company in Turkey. Another target is to add a company that specializes in medical logistics. “This year, by investing €200 million ($250 million), we will increase our work force from 3,500 to 5,000,” he said.

Gokalp Cak added that they have already set up a company in Libya and opened a massive warehouse at the port of Misrata. This year, they are building warehouses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Amman. “We are going to invest $25 million in the Gulf countries. We hope to dominate the Gulf market,” he declared.

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