Oman Advances Oil Production, Explores New Extraction Methods

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In Oman, an oil and gas-production conference brought together more than 300 specialists and 125 firms from around the world. Oman is showcasing new methods of extraction, such as steam injection and the use of chemicals. These methods will be tested in Qarn Al-Alam, Harweel, Marmul and Nimr. Mohammad Saif Al-Rahabi reports.

Oman announced that it is in the process of signing four oil-exploration agreements. At the opening of the eighth session of the “Oil and Gas West Asia" conference, Oman's Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Nasser Al-Jashmi, explained that the government-owned firm Petroleum Development Oman has three projects aimed at enhancing oil production through a variety of techniques. Hot steam will be used for extraction in Qarn Al-Alam, while gas will be used in Harweel and chemicals will be employed in extraction operations in both Marmul and Nimr.

It should be noted that the exhibition began on April 17 and lasted three days, during which participants discussed the enhanced production of oil. Three hundred specialists from Arab and foreign countries participated in the exhibition, along with 125 companies from 25 Arab and foreign countries.

The general manager of oil and gas exploration from the the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Zayed bin Khamis Al Siyabi, said that the Sultanate is one of the leaders when it comes to developing oil projects. Oman is leading major global projects that develop ways to pump mixed steam into low-porosity rocks to produce oil, or inject steam into the clefts of carbonate rocks to draw out heavy oil. The introduction of these techniques indicate that the region plays an important role in advancing the process of oil production. He also said that finding peaceful solutions to the region’s political problems will enhance production sustainability.

The first day of the conference included discussions about enhancing oil extraction using chemicals, steam injection and other modern methods.

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