Israeli-American Company Sells Water Bottles to World Militaries

Article Summary
An Israeli company has developed a patented bottle which keeps water clean and safe for weeks. Owned by an Israeli and American partnership, Source has won contracts to supply militaries around the world, selling in the millions of dollars and donating percentages of their profit to community projects local to where the products are sold.

Israeli pride: Innovative water bottles developed by the Source Company, called “hydration systems,” have been sold to foreign armed forces. Source, owned by Israeli Yoki Gil and American Brian Delugas, signed hydration-system export deals to the armed forces of France, Sweden and Singapore for about 4 million dollars in 2012.

Source develops products and technologies in the travel, trekking and camping field. More than 200 workers are employed in the company’s factory in Tirat Hacarmel. Its sales in 2011 reached 16 million dollars. The hydration systems sold to the foreign armies were of the "advanced" type. They are unique in that they combine several patented technologies that keep water clean and fresh for weeks by preventing the development of microbes and pests. This system is especially important in desert combat areas that are far from fresh-water sources.

The special water bottle is constructed from a multi-layer plastic sheet, an optimal material for contact with water. The middle layer contains the trade secret that allows water to remain fresh for long time periods. It creates a glass-like surface on which germs cannot grow.

Another well-known product of Source is their “Shoresh (source) sandals." They have special rubber soles that do not slip and slide when wet.

The company markets to more than 40 countries, and is proud of its community activism. Every year, the company contributes 5% of its profits to community projects in Tirat Hacarmel. Similarly, 1% of its sales abroad is also donated to community projects in the countries in which the products are sold.

Dalia Cohen, CEO of Source, told us that Source exports to 13 military forces throughout the world in the United States, Europe and Asia. France became a significant client in 2012 and its army now purchases Source products worth about 2.7 million dollars.

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