Kurdistan Alliance Denies Deal with Baghdad

Kurdish officials deny having reached an official agreement with Baghdad regarding the disputed territories, although negotiations will continue, Omar Sattar reports.

The Kurdistan Alliance (KA) denied having reached a final agreement with Baghdad to settle differences over the disputed areas. The KA confirmed that “Wednesday’s [Jan. 2] negotiations will be decisive,” whereas the National Alliance called on Iraqi Vice President Khudayr Al-Khuzai to implement the presidential initiative.

Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi said on Friday [Dec. 28] that “a comprehensive solution to the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil had been reached,” and confirmed that “the joint ministerial committee between the central government and the Kurdistan region will meet on Sunday to sign a final agreement.” However, the parliamentary security committee said that the meeting between the defense ministry and the Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region will be postponed because of abnormal conditions in some of the country’s provinces.

MP Hassan Jihad, a member of the security committee and the KA, told Al-Hayat, “Thus far, there is no final and comprehensive agreement, as the defense minister had announced. What is taking place are just negotiations, which have not produced an agreement yet, but we hope to find a consensual formula that both parties accept on Wednesday.”

He added, “The delegations from the defense ministry and the Peshmerga will hold a decisive meeting to end the crisis, and all signs indicate that an agreement is now possible given the calm situation between Baghdad and Erbil.” As for the most prominent Kurdish proposals to resolve the crisis in the disputed areas, he said, “Some of the agreement’s paragraphs stipulate the withdrawal of both parties’ troops from the disputed areas and the establishment of joint checkpoints and a control room or a higher coordinating board to ensure the continuous implementation of the agreement.”

In addition, National Alliance MP Mohammed Hindawi said that Iraqi President Jalal Talabani’s illness will not affect his initiative, which aims to defuse the crisis in the country and pave the way for a solution.

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