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Israel hoping for last-minute F-35s from Trump administration

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said additional F-15 purchases may follow the procurement of a third F-35 squadron.

Jared Szuba | Washington | January 04, 2021

Intel: Senators move to block US F-35, drone sale to UAE

A bipartisan group of US senators say they received no reply from the Pentagon or State Department after inquiring last month about implications of the sale of advanced weaponry to the United Arab Emirates.

Jared Szuba | Gulf | November 19, 2020

US to reduce troops in Iraq but not Syria, official says

US national security officials say Trump's order to end wars will not halt the Pentagon's counterterror operations abroad.

Jared Szuba | Washington | November 17, 2020

Trump White House proposes sale of 50 F-35s to United Arab Emirates

The proposed sale includes 18 MQ-9B weapons-ready drones and air-to-air and air-to-ground munitions.

Jared Szuba | Gulf | November 10, 2020

Unhappy Netanyahu must now do with Biden

The first portfolio that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to deal with vis-a-vis the new Biden administration is the Iranian file.

Ben Caspit | Israel | November 10, 2020

James Jeffrey, top US official on Syria and Islamic State, retiring

The veteran diplomat will be replaced by his Syria deputy, Joel Rayburn, and top counterterrorism official Nathan Sales.

Elizabeth Hagedorn | Washington | November 09, 2020

Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper

The US president abruptly fired his defense secretary via Twitter after months of reports that Esper had fallen out of favor.

Jared Szuba | Washington | November 09, 2020

Opposition slams Netanyahu for allegedly approving US-Emirates F-35 deal

Opposition members keep slamming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the imminent sale by the United States to the UAE of F-35 stealth jets.

Rina Bassist | Israel | November 10, 2020

Israel's intelligence chief wants next US president to continue Abraham Accords

Eli Cohen told Ynet TV that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are "on the agenda" for recognizing the Jewish state.

Al-Monitor Staff | Washington | November 04, 2020

New normal takes shape for Israel, Palestinians, UAE

Israelis and Emiratis throw themselves into their new relationship and Palestinians are throwing Gulf visitors out of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Week in Review | | October 30, 2020