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Biden slams Trump's Iran policy at town hall

The Democratic presidential candidate also praised Trump's work on the UAE-Israel deal.

Adam Lucente | Washington | October 16, 2020

Are Egypt-Russia naval drills in Black Sea message to Ankara?

For the first time, the Egyptian navy holds joint exercises in the Black Sea with Russia, at a time of escalating tensions with Turkey.

Muhammed Magdy | Egypt | October 18, 2020

Senate Democrats urge Library of Congress to recognize Armenian genocide

Democratic Senators said the library should follow Congress and rebuke the Trump administration by referring to the killings of Armenians in Turkey in the early 20th century as a "genocide."

Adam Lucente | | October 16, 2020

Intel: EU sanctions suspected head of Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group

Kremlin insider Yevgeny Prigozhin is suspected of involvement in Wagner's paramilitary activities in Libya

Al-Monitor Staff | North Africa | October 16, 2020

Why is Turkey absent from table despite being in field?

Turkey’s policy to use muscle to gain diplomatic clout has been marred by a series of miscalculations, failing to produce the desired results in the conflicts in Libya and the Caucasus.

Fehim Tastekin | Turkey | October 15, 2020

The Takeaway: Do Arab Gulf states favor Trump or Biden in US election?

Some leaders may prefer Trump, mostly because of Iran, but they aren’t saying; Plus: five must-read takes on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict; Egypt wants Nerfertiti bust back; Nile cruises return.

Andrew Parasiliti | | October 14, 2020

Biden campaign criticizes both Azerbaijan and Armenia in statement on war

The US presidential contender also slammed Turkey's role in official remarks on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Adam Lucente | | October 14, 2020

Will Russia recruit Syrian Kurds to fight in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict?

While Russia will likely avoid direct involvement in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, there are signs it could draw lessons from Libya and recruit fighters from Syria to do its bidding.

Kirill Semenov | | October 15, 2020

Egypt, Russia to hold joint naval drills in Black Sea, Moscow says

Exercise Friendship Bridge 2020 will involve aircraft and ship-based artillery, Russia's Defense Ministry said

Al-Monitor Staff | | October 09, 2020

Intel: Turkish F-16s spotted on runway in Azerbaijan

The discovery follows Armenia's allegation that Ankara has introduced combat aircraft into the Caucasus war.

Al-Monitor Staff | | October 09, 2020