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Why Erdogan seeks fresh military mandate for Azerbaijan

Turkey’s government has obtained a broad parliamentary mandate for military deployment in Azerbaijan, signaling intentions beyond the joint cease-fire-monitoring center agreed with Russia.

Fehim Tastekin | Turkey | November 19, 2020

Intel: US blames ‘scheduling issue’ for no Pompeo-Erdogan meeting

A State Department official said Pompeo's "tight schedule" will keep him from meeting Turkish officials when in Istanbul next week.

Elizabeth Hagedorn | Washington | November 13, 2020

South Caucasus deal echoes plan from 30 years ago

Although some in Turkey see Russia as the real winner of the Russian-brokered truce between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the deal has elevated Turkey to a regional power in the south Caucasus.

Cengiz Candar | Turkey | November 13, 2020

Who really won in south Caucasus?

While the conventional wisdom is that Russia allowed Turkey to soften Armenia for the kill, then swooped in and imposed its own terms, talk of Russia’s big win may be somewhat overstated.

Amberin Zaman | Turkey | November 11, 2020

Turkey's Erdogan finally congratulates Biden

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took more time than other regional leaders to congratulate Joe Biden on his projected victory in the US presidential elections. The two men have a complicated past.

Al-Monitor Staff | | November 10, 2020

Russia leaves little room for Turkey in Azeri-Armenian truce

The terms of the Russian-sponsored deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia speak of Moscow’s reluctance to let Turkey increase its influence in the region.

Metin Gurcan | Turkey | November 10, 2020

Biden administration's Middle East policy could be determined by Senate elections

Several Senate races remain undecided. If Republicans maintain their majority, it could complicate President-elect Joe Biden's Iran policy.

Adam Lucente | Washington | November 10, 2020

Middle East leaders congratulate Biden on win

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has notably not commented on the former vice president’s victory in the US presidential election.

Al-Monitor Staff | Washington | November 09, 2020

Armenian-Israelis protest arms sales to Azerbaijan

Israel has kept a low profile on its military dealings with Azerbaijan, but Armenian-Israeli activists have taken the issue to the streets.

Rina Bassist | Israel | November 09, 2020

Biden's campaign showed what his Middle East policy may be as president

The former vice president criticized President Donald Trump's sanctions on Iran and also spoke out on Turkey's role in the Azerbaijan-Armenia war leading up to the Nov. 3 vote.

Adam Lucente | | November 07, 2020