Award-Winning Media Outlet Al-Monitor launches two new Middle East podcasts


With Andrew Parasiliti and Ben Caspit


Washington, D.C. - May 20, 2020

Al-Monitor, the US-based independent news site reporting on the Middle East, announces the launch of two new podcasts featuring interviews with newsmakers from the US and the Middle East.

Andrew Parasiliti, president and chief content officer for Al-Monitor, is the host of On the Middle East and Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor's Israel correspondent and author of the New York Times best-seller The Netanyahu Years, is the host of On Israel.

The Al-Monitor 'On' series of podcasts will feature discussions with our correspondents 'on the ground' as well as interviews with the top diplomats, political and business leaders that are shaping the latest trends and news in Israel and the region.

"I look forward to the Al-Monitor podcasts," said former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.  "Andrew and Ben are superb analysts and interviewers, well known by policy makers and thought leaders, and they come with Al-Monitor's highly regarded brand."

On Israel will be available every Monday, and On the Middle East each Wednesday, on your favorite listening platform.

About the hosts

Andrew Parasiliti, has been writing about, and traveling in, the Middle East for over three decades, meeting and interviewing the region's top political, business, media and civil society leaders. He writes Al-Monitor's Takeaway and Week in Review columns, and is an adjunct political scientist at RAND and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Andrew has held appointments at Harvard's Kennedy School, RAND, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and as foreign policy adviser to US Senator Chuck Hagel.   

Ben Caspit hosts a daily radio show from Tel Aviv and frequently appears on television and radio programs. Caspit is one of Israel's most in-demand journalists and his columns – deeply sourced and vividly written -- are must reads for his take on the latest political developments.  

About Al-Monitor

Al-Monitor is a global newsroom headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a network of over 160 authors and analysts around the world.  We monitor the pulse of the Middle East via our award-winning, digital platform and publish a diverse set of perspectives connecting local experts to audiences with a desire to better understand a region that is so rapidly changing.