Week in Review

Week in Review

The 2016 timeline highlights events that made the news, and the stories behind them. (photo by Al-Monitor)

A look back: 2016 in review

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015 | Al-Monitor

Our interactive timeline shows the stories that have shaped the region so far.


Turkey scrambles to cut its losses in Syria

Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

Turkey’s Syria policies "lie in shreds"; Syrian Kurds coordinate with government forces in Aleppo; would Russia support federalism in Syria?

Erdogan’s Syria policy hits dead end in Aleppo

Sunday, Dec. 4, 2016 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

Ankara anticipates worst-case scenario as Syrian government forces appear close to victory in decisive battle.

Putin not waiting for Trump to press advantage in Syria

Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

Russian president seeks gains in Syria in the final weeks of the Obama administration; Saudi Arabia encouraged by Trump’s take on Iran; Liberman as gatekeeper between Trump and Netanyahu.

Would Trump back Turkish military escalation in Iraq, Syria?

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan weighs risks and benefits of military interventions as Donald Trump transition signals possible Turkish tilt; Will Iraq's Baathists return after liberation of Mosul?

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