Week in Review

Week in Review

The 2016 timeline highlights events that made the news, and the stories behind them. (photo by Al-Monitor)

A look back: 2016 in review

Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015 | Al-Monitor

Our interactive timeline shows the stories that have shaped the region so far.


The Pulse Trends: Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Lebanon

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

The first week of Pulse coverage revealed how, more than ever, Al-Monitor uncovers trends while covering the news. Here are five trends we have been following in our pulses.   

Al-Monitor Expands 'Pulse' Coverage on Regional Trends

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

Al-Monitor expands its regional coverage with the establishment of four new “Pulses” and offers perspective on the latest trends in Iraq, Syria and Egypt.

The Endgame in Syria

Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

In the context of concerns about Syria’s chemical weapons and renewed speculation about President Bashar al-Assad’s final days, four trends will determine if and when there will be an endgame in Syria, and what that might look like.

Iran Sends Message on Gaza, Syria

Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012 | Al-Monitor Week in Review

In the Gaza conflict, Iran reveals that it has the wherewithal to shift the equation and provide some payback, even in areas where its adversaries hold sway.

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