Published: Sana'a, Yemen
Language: Arabic
Established: 2004
Published: daily
Website: www.al-tagheer.com

Al-Tagheer, which means “change”, is a Yemeni news website, not a printed paper. It was established in 2004 and is based in Aden. The founder and editor-in-chief is Arafat Medabesh, a prominent Yemeni journalist who also writes for a number of Arabic publications in other countries.

Media actors in Yemen face many challenges including limited resources, state censorship, widespread illiteracy, and the dominance of official newspapers. As the country’s first independent website with exclusive news content, Al-Tagheer was a pioneer in Yemeni media when it first started. The coverage is independent, even dissident, and includes news articles, reports, studies, and multimedia stories. Al-Tagheer describes itself as eager to cover democratic change, human rights, and women’s rights through professional journalistic reporting.

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