Obama's anti-IS envoy: Shiites saved Iraq

President Obama's envoy praises all sides in a bid to keep the coalition together.
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 Julian Pecquet for Al-Monitor on February 10

Will Kerry be able to salvage Syria peace talks?

Secretary of State John Kerry said he was preparing to test Russian seriousness as he and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed possible Syria cease-fire arrangements.
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 Laura Rozen for Al-Monitor on February 10

What's next for Syria?

As new talks commence on solving the Syria crisis, the international community speculates on what Russia's first move will be.
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 Vitaly Naumkin for Al-Monitor on February 10

Iran defends its support for Syria and Iraq

Iranian officials and media argue that the fight against terrorists in Syria and Iraq is in defense of Iran.
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 Arash Karami for Al-Monitor Iran Pulse on February 10

Are the Saudis ready to fight in Syria?

With no end in sight to Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen, it is doubtful that the regime is ready to risk major casualties by sending ground troops to Syria.
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 Madawi Al-Rasheed for Al-Monitor on February 10

Doctors join Turkey’s ever-growing army of ‘terrorists’

Turkish policemen wounded in clashes with Kurdish militants are no longer taken to civilian hospitals in Diyarbakir following claims that local Kurdish doctors collaborate with the insurgency.
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 Mahmut Bozarslan for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse on February 10

AKP generous with lip service, but Turkish soldiers need more

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party is glorifying military "martyrdom" in an attempt to steer civilian-military relations into support for the government.
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 Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor on February 10

Iran reacts to Saudi's offer of troops in Syria

Iranian officials play down Saudi statements about sending ground troops to Syria, especially as the Syrian government makes gains on the ground.
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 Ali Hashem for Al-Monitor on February 10

Israeli slip of the tongue embarrasses Egypt

The statement by Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz in regard to alleged security cooperation with Egypt angered Cairo and complicated the battle against Hamas.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on February 10

Israeli minister: After Abbas, there will be no more Palestinian Authority

Talking to Al-Monitor, Israeli Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Immigrant Absorption Zeev Elkin predicts that once Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas steps down, the Palestinian Authority will disintegrate, lamenting that Israel has no plan to face this likelihood.
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 Ben Caspit for Al-Monitor on February 10

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