Former Iran negotiator: Better ties with US impossible

Former Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili argued that the US and Iran cannot have ties because of America's policy to "consolidate its leadership over the world."
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 Arash Karami for Al-Monitor on April 24

UNESCO resolutions raise Palestinian hopes

New UNESCO resolutions raises Palestinian hopes for more effective thwarting of Israeli violations of Palestinian land through illegal settlements and violation of historic sites.
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 Daoud Kuttab for Al-Monitor on April 24

MEK leader to testify before Congress

Maryam Rajavi will discuss the threat the Islamic State poses to members of the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) at Camp Liberty.
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 Julian Pecquet for Al-Monitor on April 23

Iran official warns against further strikes in Yemen

Iran is lauding its own efforts to achieve the cease-fire that temporarily halted Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen and warns that continued Saudi aggression threatens to block a political solution.
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 Ali Hashem for Al-Monitor on April 23

Russia turns to soft power in the Middle East

While Russia is most commonly seen as a hard power state, regional developments since the Arab Spring have positioned it as a soft power force.
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 Maxim A. Suchkov for Al-Monitor on April 24

Israel's Gaza-war soul-searching

Those in the Arab world who claim that Israel lost many wars mistakenly perceive the democratic process of auto-criticizing and evaluating misjudgments during the war as admission of defeat.
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 Ben Caspit for Al-Monitor on April 23

Bedouin honor IDF service, mourn fallen soldiers

Bedouin youths continue to demonstrate their commitment to Israel by enlisting, despite growing tensions with Jewish society as the demolition of Bedouin homes continues.
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 Shlomi Eldar for Al-Monitor on April 23

Jordan focuses on IS fight while Gulf allies pull back

Jordan's King Abdullah expresses strong differences from many of his allies on how best to deal with the Islamic State, fighting regional terrorism, developments in Syria and US Middle East policy.
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Osama Al Sharif for Al-Monitor on April 23

Tunisia’s new government shifts foreign policy

The Tunisian Foreign Ministry’s announcement that it would send a consul to Syria has been refuted by the president as the new government reconfigures Tunisia’s regional alliances.
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 Eric Reidy for Al-Monitor on April 24

Morocco, Algeria compete over Libya

Morocco may be exploiting Algerian weaknesses to raise the stature of its foreign diplomacy by hosting the UN-sponsored dialogue between the conflicting Libyan parties.
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 Imad Stitou for Al-Monitor on April 23

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