Saudi Terror Group “Cell of 16” Accused of Targeting Officials

Author: alhayat

A representative of the Investigation and General Prosecution Commission has accused a member of the "Cell of 16” of a shooting at security headquarters in Jeddah in order to distract security forces from halting a protest and sit-in in one of Jeddah's neighborhoods. These acts were allegedly initiated by one extremist living in London. The Investigation and General Prosecution Commission representative accused the same member of planning to target a senior statesman. The cell members are being tried in Riyadh.

SummaryPrint In a courtroom in Riyadh, members of the “Cell of 16” terrorist group are being tried for shooting at security headquarters, encouraging civil unrest and targeting a senior official. Nasser Hagbani reports that the group, which seems to be remotely controlled by extremists in London, may have strong links to al-Qaeda.
TranslatorSami-Joe Abboud

According to the indictment, the defendant participated in the demonstration that this extremist initiated via satellite. He refused to reveal the names of a number of other participants, but admitted that he planned to open fire on a security-headquarters building in order to distract security officers from the demonstration and sit-in.

The indictment states that the defendant intended to send the confidential information he obtained to the extremist in London. This extremist was then allegedly going to disseminate the information through various media channels, thus fulfilling one of al-Qaeda’s goals.

According to the indictment, the defendant trained cell members to set "trap bombs.” For him, killing security personnel in the Kingdom represents "real Jihad." This explains why another instigator seemed determined to kill a member of the security forces in the city of Jubail: he was fully convinced of the legitimacy of the fatwa condoning the act. The indictment states that the defendant planned to target a senior statesman in a planned terrorist attack.

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