Al-Qaeda Letters Exhort Members To Follow Bin Laden's Example

Author: annahar

According to Baghdad's international news agency (WEB), an Iraqi intelligence source claims to have discovered letters urging al-Qaeda members in Iraq to move to Tunisia in order to "take the reigns of the new Islamic caliphate."

SummaryPrint Iraqi intelligence sources claim to have found letters from al-Qaeda which encourage members to follow the example of Osama bin Laden, and to move to Tunisia in order to regroup and develop an overarching plan for the Arab world.
TranslatorSami-Joe Abboud

The letters mention restructuring al-Qaeda in order to develop a unified stance toward the Arab region, and they contained very virulent rhetoric that called on members to follow the example of bin Laden.

However, the same source says that there are disputes within al-Qaeda, and that these letters are intended to encourage the movement's members and develop a strategy for Syria, Iraq, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

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