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  1. Saudi Arabia Tries to Cut a Deal With Russia Regarding Syria

    After accusing Moscow of supporting a genocide in Syria, Riyadh seems to have adjusted its strategy and sent its intelligence chief to Moscow to try to reach a deal.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Aug 02, 2013

  2. Assad’s TV Interview And Russian-American Deals

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Independence Day speech stresses his confidence of winning the civil war, Sami Kleib writes. Meanwhile, the US and Russia are working out their positions.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Apr 19, 2013

  3. Is Lebanon Destined to Descend Into Armed Conflict?

    As the security situation worsens in Syria, Sami Kleib argues that Lebanon’s self-distancing policy regarding the conflict will inevitably lead to further conflict in Syria’s western neighbor.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Feb 26, 2013

  4. Has Assad Regained Upper Hand?

    Contrary to Western expectations, the Syrian regime is not about to fall, with several factors indicating that the balance of power may have shifted in the regime’s favor, writes Sami Kleib.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Jan 24, 2013

  5. Choice: ‘Somalia-ization’ of Syria Or a Political Settlement

    Sami Kleib presents a comprehensive analysis of the Syrian crisis and explains why the choice is between the destruction of the country, "Somalia-ization" or a political settlement with the Syrian government.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Jan 06, 2013

  6. For Parties Involved in the Syrian Crisis, Russian Veto is a Game Changer

    The Russian veto of the UN Security Council Resolution on Syria has changed the options facing all players involved in the crisis. Sami Kleib looks at how the international community and the Syrian opposition will have to reconfigure their strategies in response to Russia’s defense of the Assad regime.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Feb 10, 2012

  7. Breakthrough in Syrian Crisis Depends on Iran's Nuclear Program

    Intense diplomatic moves by regional and international players concerned with the situation in Syria indicate that the crisis there has reached a threshold and may soon “explode.” And yet despite the instability of the current situation, a resolution to the Syrian crisis will only be possible once the issue of Iranian nuclear weapons has been clarified, writes Sami Kleib.
    By: Sami Kleib
    Posted on: Jan 18, 2012

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