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Syria to get civilian safe zones

Friday, May. 5, 2017 | Maxim A. Suchkov, Editor, Russia-Mideast

Cease-fire mediators have agreed to establish and enforce areas free from fighting in Syria.

US, Russia approach each other cautiously on Syria

Wednesday, May. 3, 2017 | Maxim A. Suchkov, Editor, Russia-Mideast

Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have set an ambitious pace for diplomatic discussions with other world leaders regarding Syria, but they apparently agree that small steps are best when dealing with each other on the topic.

US to send senior envoy to Syria talks after Trump-Putin call

Tuesday, May. 2, 2017 | Laura Rozen, Back Channel

Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Stuart Jones is set to attend Syria cease-fire talks in Astana on May 3-4 after Trump-Putin confer on Syria.

Are the US, Russia staking out territorial clout in Syria?

Friday, Apr. 28, 2017 | Anton Mardasov, Contributor

Moscow and Washington both deny they are dividing Syria into "zones of influence," but they might be laying the groundwork by creating military facilities at various sites.

Can Erdogan juggle Trump and Putin at the same time?

Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2017 | Semih Idiz, Columnist

Erdogan’s expectations from the United States and Russia are high, but his hopes may be misplaced again.

Russia, Turkey to talk tariffs

Tuesday, Apr. 25, 2017 | Yekaterina
Chulkovskaya, Contributor

It looks like Ankara’s retaliatory tariffs on Russian wheat will bring the two parties together in another attempt to compromise on sanctions and import taxes.

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