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A 'fundamental fallacy' in Obama's plan to arm Syrian rebels?

Article by Julian Pecquet Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Lawmakers of both parties expressed disbelief that the rebels will stick to the role the US wants to carve out for them.
(REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)
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US public diplomacy attempts to confront the Islamic State

Article by Barbara Slavin Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Richard Stengel, the latest US official tasked with trying to improve the US image abroad, concedes that trying to rebut those who believe the US created the Islamic State sometimes provokes the feeling that "you are beating your head against a wall."
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Europe needs to coordinate its anti-jihadist measures

Article by Arad Nir Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Israeli security experts warn that the Schengen Area — which allows Europeans to move freely around the continent — makes it easy for jihadists returning home from Syria or Iraq to move around and plan attacks.
(REUTERS/Srdjan Zivulovic)
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Iraq's new YouTube satirist

Article by Omar al-Jaffal Posted Tue, Sep 16 
"Al-Bashir Show" is an irreverent take on Iraqi politics in a country where most media outlets are afraid of criticizing politicians.
(Omar al-Jaffal)
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Hamas debates direct talks with Israel

Article by Adnan Abu Amer Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Hamas Deputy Chairman Mousa Abu Marzouk’s bombshell last week that the movement might embark on direct negotiations with Israel has sparked a furious debate within Hamas.
(SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)
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Why didn't Khatami visit Iran's supreme leader in hospital?

Article by Arash Karami Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Iranians have speculated over social media on why former President Mohammad Khatami failed to visit Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei during his hospital stay.
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Iraq's unified 'National Guard' may be impossible

Article by Mushreq Abbas Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Iraq's prime minister has proposed the formation of a National Guard that would unify the ranks of Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish forces.
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Israel must prepare for a third Lebanon war

Article by Ben Caspit Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Israel must prepare for an eventual third Lebanon war, where it will be confronted with much stronger and more organized forces, perhaps equivalent in equipment to other Arab armies, capable of penetrating Israeli territory.
(REUTERS/Ali Hashisho)
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Netanyahu, Lapid both winners in defense budget quarrel

Article by Mazal Mualem Posted Tue, Sep 16 
The Israeli prime minister and finance minister's public quarrel over the defense budget is more a political show than a real coalition crisis, as both politicians are benefiting from the rivalry.
(REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
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Clashes escalate around Damascus

Article by Mustafa al-Haj Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Syrian rebels took al-Dukhaniyya last week in a bid to open supply routes to the front line in Jobar.
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Davutoglu sets ambitious target for Turkish democracy

Article by Semih Idiz Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Developments contradict claims by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu that Turkey will become a global power in terms of universal democracy over the next nine years.
(REUTERS/Murad Sezer)
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Islamic State helping the PKK to gain global legitimacy

Article by Amberin Zaman Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Western officials say that given the Islamic State threat, it is only a matter of time before their governments initiate formal ties with the Kurdistan Workers Party and the Democratic Union Party, despite objections from Turkey.
(REUTERS/Rodi Said)
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Banished Erdogan critics find new home at opposition paper

Article by Tulay Cetingulec Posted Tue, Sep 16 
The Sozcu daily, a relative newcomer in the Turkish press, has climbed to the top of the circulation ladder, taking on board senior journalists dumped from other papers for criticizing the government.
(REUTERS/Denizhan Guzel)
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US strikes in Syria won’t turn locals against Islamic State

Article by Edward Dark Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Contrary to widespread belief, the Islamic State has largely succeeded in winning hearts and minds in the areas it rules by providing services and order.
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Iraqi Kurds unhappy partners in Abadi's government

Article by Mohammed A. Salih Posted Tue, Sep 16 
The Kurdish position in internal Iraqi politics has been weakened by the fight with the Islamic State, resulting in a new Iraqi government that largely ignores their demands.
(REUTERS/Hadi Mizban)
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Do Syrians support foreign intervention against IS?

Article by Akram al-Bunni Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Although a growing number of Syrians seem to support foreign intervention against the Islamic State, they are still divided over the scope and form of a potential military campaign.
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Sherman urges Iran to seize opportunity for nuclear deal

Article by Laura Rozen Posted Mon, Sep 15 
US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman urged diplomats to tell Iran to seize opportunity for a nuclear deal ahead of resumed negotiations in New York.
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Israel's IT industry faces worker shortage

Article by Smadar Nehab and Avital Yanovsky Posted Tue, Sep 16 
The Israeli IT industry is suffering from a shortage of employees and companies must think outside of the box, change their attitudes and open up to recruiting Arab applicants.
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Why can't Turkey explain its foreign policy?

Article by Tulin Daloglu Posted Mon, Sep 15 
Turkey's hesitation to act against the groups such as the Islamic State makes others wonder whether it has an ideological foreign policy.
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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Obama needs peace in Syria to defeat IS

Article by Khaled Atallah Posted Mon, Sep 15 
Syria’s internal opposition says defeating the Islamic State is impossible without finding a solution to Syria’s civil war.
(REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh)
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Headscarf protests resume in Turkey

Article by Pinar Tremblay Posted Tue, Sep 16 
Ambiguous dress code regulations for students have generated angry protests from Islamist Turks — and troubled some secularists as well.
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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Are military contractors heading back to Iraq?

Article by Metin Turcan Posted Mon, Sep 15 
Private military contractors may be enlisted in large numbers to Iraq to fight the Islamic State.
(REUTERS/Ali Abu Shish)
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Residents brace for US airstrikes against Raqqa

Article by Asrar Shbaro Posted Mon, Sep 15 
Raqqa's residents are divided in their views on the announced US military operations against the Islamic State.
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Deputy: Qatar's expulsion of Brotherhood won't impact Hamas

Article by Asmaa al-Ghoul Posted Mon, Sep 15 
In an interview with Al-Monitor, Hamas deputy leader Mousa Abu Marzouk said the provisions of the cease-fire deal with Israel were the most Hamas could achieve from the war, but he also indicated that it expects to obtain more of its demands in upcoming negotiations.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
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Lebanon's ex-president vows army's unity, constitutional procedures

Article by Daoud Rammal Posted Tue, Sep 16 
In an interview with As-Safir, Lebanon's former president, Michel Suleiman, backs the Lebanese army facing internal threats and stressed the need to stick to the principles of the Baadba Declaration in the current presidential vacuum.
(REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir)
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