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Republicans threaten showdown over UN funding in Gaza

Article by Julian Pecquet Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Sens. Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk say they’re “dumbfounded” by Secretary of State John Kerry’s $156 million pledge to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.
(REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)
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Israel accuses Turkey of aiding Hamas coup plan

Article by Tulin Daloglu Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon accused Turkey of being indifferent to the preparations of Hamas' Istanbul office to attempt a coup against Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
(REUTERS/Mandel Ngan)
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Iranians protest acid attacks

Article by Arash Karami Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Protests have sprung up in Esfahan over the acid attacks that have terrorized the citizens there and concerns of potential leniency by authorities.
(Rooholah Zam)
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US-Russia cooperation needed in IS fight

Article by Vitaly Naumkin Posted Wed, Oct 22 
The United States should reconsider its harsh rhetoric toward Russia, as the two countries could constructively cooperate in the fight against the Islamic State.
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Ansar Allah vows to defeat al-Qaeda in Yemen

Article by Khalil Harb Posted Wed, Oct 22 
An Ansar Allah leader talked to As-Safir about internal and external forces leading a counterattack against the Houthis through al-Qaeda.
(REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah)
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Tunisia's elections under scrutiny

Article by Ikhlas Latif Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Tunisian civil society is gearing up for parliamentary elections by preparing election monitoring mechanisms to report violations in real time.
(REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi)
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Turkey's Kurdish dilemma plays out in Kobani

Article by Sami Kohen Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Turkey has agreed to cooperate with the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition as a result of heavy international pressure, but there was no indication Ankara’s expectations would be met.
(REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)
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Decoding Iran's economic indicators

Article by Bijan Khajehpour Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Though experts believe the Iranian government and Central Bank are overestimating in reports on Iran’s economic growth, there are some real positive indicators, including progress on inflation.
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The Islamic State's media warfare

Article by Ali Hashem Posted Wed, Oct 22 
The Islamic State’s strategy of warfare in Syria and Iraq seems to be based on ways to disseminate their ideas, mainly through online media.
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UN envoy meets with Hezbollah to discuss Syria

Article by Jean Aziz Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Staffan De Mistura is the first UN special representative to the Syrian conflict to meet with Hezbollah officials to get the organization's assessment of the Syrian crisis.
(REUTERS/Sharif Karim)
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Palestinian nationalists struggle with Facebook

Article by Badia Zeidan Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Social media is a growing hub for dialogue, but Palestinian activists are struggling to keep their pages up after Facebook removes them "for inciting violence against Jews."
(Facebook/Palestinian Prisoners Rights)
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Kahlon's new party will challenge Likud and Shas

Article by Mazal Mualem Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Former Likud Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon is capable of changing the political game and tipping the scales — provided he manages to undermine the power base of the Likud and Shas parties.
(REUTERS/Baz Ratner)
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Israeli left shuns Rabin's legacy

Article by Akiva Eldar Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Two ceremonies in November will commemorate the assassination of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, neither of which will focus on the reason he lost his life: his efforts to achieve peace with the Palestinians.
(REUTERS/Nir Elias)
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What will happen after Sanaa's fall?

Article by Maysaa Shuja al-Deen Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Many scenarios explain the fall of Sanaa to the hands of Houthis and the period that will follow in Yemen.
(REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah)
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Iraqi Kurdistan faces challenges in clearing land mines

Article by Devin Morrow Posted Wed, Oct 22 
The Iraq-Iran war and Saddam Hussein’s campaign against Kurds have left behind millions of square meters of contaminated land in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the latter has been trying to defuse the land mines that cause many deadly accidents each year.
(REUTERS/Saad Shalash)
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Khamenei preaches Shiite-Sunni unity against Islamic State, US

Article by Ali Afshari Posted Wed, Oct 22 
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's Eid al-Ghadeer speech revealed his concern that the coalition against the Islamic State might give Sunnis and the United States the upper hand in the region.
(REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)
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Oman's uncertain future

Article by Giorgio Cafiero Posted Tue, Oct 21 
The sultan of Oman's health crisis will have implications for the Gulf nation and its unique foreign policy.
(REUTERS/Sultan Al Hasani)
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Is Hezbollah preparing large assault on Israel?

Article by Ben Caspit Posted Tue, Oct 21 
If Iran succeeds in securing an agreement that enables it to preserve nuclear capabilities, it might decide to attack Israel through Hezbollah on the Lebanese and Syrian borders.
(REUTERS/Baz Ratner)
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Iranian officials mourn powerful cleric

Article by Mehdi Jedinia Posted Tue, Oct 21 
The death of Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani has left open a powerful position with the authority to elect and supervise the supreme leader of Iran.
(REUTERS/Raheb Homavand)
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Danes outraged by Turkey’s hostage deal with IS

Article by Semih Idiz Posted Tue, Oct 21 
Reports that the would-be assassin of a Danish anti-Islamic activist was released in exchange for Turkish hostages held by the Islamic State has infuriated Danes.
(REUTERS/Claus Bech)
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Airstrikes empty Turkish border town of foreign fighters

Article by Shelly Kittleson Posted Tue, Oct 21 
The US airstrikes in September and a recent Turkish crackdown on illegal border crossings have significantly changed the face of Reyhanli.
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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All eyes on Soleimani

Article by Arash Karami Posted Tue, Oct 21 
Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani's return to Tehran marks an end to a much covered trip to Iraq.
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In Turkey, it's all about the beard

Article by Pinar Tremblay Posted Tue, Oct 21 
Kobani riots have turned the beard into a contested area between Islamophobia and phobia of the Islamic State.
(OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images)
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IS imposes new rules on education in Syria, Iraq

Article by Ali Mamouri Posted Tue, Oct 21 
The Islamic State is leading a cultural revolution in Iraq and Syria, issuing new regulations to bring the educational system in line with Sharia and its Salafist ideology.
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Gazans at risk as winter looms

Article by Rasha Abou Jalal Posted Tue, Oct 21 
Much of Gaza's water, power and sanitation infrastructure was damaged in the recent conflict, and repairs are taking time, which has left Gazans looking for alternatives to get through what could be a long, cold winter.
(Yasser Qudiah)
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