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Treason becomes routine accusation in Turkey

Article by Tulin Daloglu Posted Thu, Aug 28 
After Erdogan’s harsh accusation of treason to anyone critical of his policies, a daily Cumhuriyet columnist calculates that half of the population is acting treacherously.
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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Jabhat al-Nusra advances on Quneitra, gains border crossing

Article by Tareq al Abd Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Jabhat al-Nusra and other armed groups took over Quneitra, while the Syrian army was able to expand its control over Mhardeh.
(REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
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Egypt evicting Rafah residents to create a buffer zone

Article by An Al-Monitor correspondent in Sinai Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Residents on the Egyptian side of Rafah are demanding compensation for lost homes, as the Egyptian army moves to build a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
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Iraq and Libya spark oil production fears

Article by Kamel Abdallah al Harmi Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Reduced oil production in Iraq and Libya pose serious threats to the world economy.
(REUTERS/Landsat data courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey)
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Israel gained upper hand in final days of war

Article by Asmaa al-Ghoul Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Israel’s withdrawal of ground forces, and focus on air power, gave it the upper hand in pressuring the Palestinian resistance factions to a truce.
(REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa)
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Yazidis escape mountains but still face danger

Article by Shaida al-Ameen Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Dispersed across camps and unable to return to their homes, Yazidis are disillusioned by the weak Iraqi response to their plight.
(Shaida al-Ameen)
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Mutual deterrence achieved between Israel, Gaza

Article by Daoud Kuttab Posted Thu, Aug 28 
For the first time in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Israeli establishment will have to think twice before it embarks on what used to be an “easy war” against the Palestinians.
(REUTERS/Majdi Fathi)
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Iranian official: employing women "not a priority"

Article by Mehrnaz Samimi Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Although women represent a high percentage of Iranian college graduates, finding work is still difficult for them.
(John Moore/Getty Images)
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Iran website denies Qassem Suleimani sidelined

Article by Arash Karami Posted Thu, Aug 28 
A conservative Iranian website has denied reports by Arab media that Quds Force Cmdr. Gen. Qassem Suleimani has been replaced.
(Pars News)
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After Gaza, Israel sees a new type of war and diplomacy

Article by Ben Caspit Posted Thu, Aug 28 
A changing Middle East reality confronts the Israel Defense Forces with new fighting methods and targets while diplomatic opportunities have emerged with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states.
(REUTERS/Baz Ratner)
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Are Turkey's top judges 'assassins'?

Article by Orhan Kemal Cengiz Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Turkey’s new president's statements indicate that he is preparing for an assault on the judiciary.
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IS massacre leaves families of victims stunned

Article by Wassim Bassem Posted Thu, Aug 28 
The families of 1,700 military cadets slaughtered at Camp Speicher on June 11 have received little or no attention from Iraqi authorities.
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Gaza cease-fire might lead to indirect Egypt involvement

Article by Nervana Mahmoud Posted Thu, Aug 28 
After a cease-fire was finally reached, the Palestinian Authority could return to the Gaza Strip where Egypt might be playing an indirect role in the future.
(REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman)
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Looking to Europe, Turkey increases investment in Azeri gas

Article by Mehmet Cetingulec Posted Thu, Aug 28 
Turkey paid the French company TOTAL $1.45 billion to increase its share in gas from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz-2 gas field from 9% to 19%.
(REUTERS/Murad Sezer)
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Meridor: Israelis will back diplomatic initiative

Article by Mazal Mualem Posted Thu, Aug 28 
In an interview with Al-Monitor, former Likud Minister Dan Meridor contends that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu takes the diplomatic route instead of the status quo, 70% of the Israelis will back him.
(REUTERS/Gali Tibbon)
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An ancient city waits for tourists in Iran

Article by Madi Jahangir Posted Wed, Aug 27 
Iran may be experiencing an influx of tourists, but much needs to be done to preserve its ancient history.
(Madi Jahangir)
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Erdogan out, Davutoglu in as AKP leader

Article by Tulin Daloglu Posted Wed, Aug 27 
After 13 years as Justice and Development Party chairman, President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan has handed over the post to his foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu.
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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Zahar, Haniyeh pressured Meshaal into cease-fire

Article by Shlomi Eldar Posted Wed, Aug 27 
The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas signals the opening of a great battle over the movement's leadership, between Hamas political bureau chief Khaled Meshaal in Qatar and Gaza leaders such as Mahmoud al-Zahar.
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Syrian women help traumatized children smile again

Article by Mustafa al-Haj Posted Wed, Aug 27 
Kindergarten teachers in the Syrian flashpoint city of Zabadani established a center to provide much-needed psychological support for local children.
(Mustafa al-Haj)
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The evolution of the Turkish military's role in politics

Article by Pinar Tremblay Posted Wed, Aug 27 
With the deteriorating situation in Iraq and Syria, the Turkish military is still a force to reckon with for President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s "New Turkey."
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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Is PKK becoming a new Middle East power?

Article by Kadri Gursel Posted Wed, Aug 27 
Turkey’s Kurdish movement is proving to be the only force resolved to fight the Islamic State, while boosting its political might in Turkey.
(REUTERS/Umit Bektas)
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SNC Head: IS more of a threat to Muslims than Christians

Article by Mohammad Nemr Posted Thu, Aug 28 
The head of the Syrian National Council, George Sabra, talked to An-Nahar about the need to fight the Islamic State and the Syrian regime, as they are both responsible for the suffering of the people.
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Jeddah meeting on IS brings together unlikely allies

Article by Ali Hashem Posted Wed, Aug 27 
Members of opposing blocs in the region have been meeting to discuss the need to deal with the threat the Islamic State poses to them and other states, but the United States remains in the lead in confronting the organization.
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Hamas says most demands met in cease-fire deal

Article by Adnan Abu Amer Posted Wed, Aug 27 
Hamas dropped its insistence on an airport and seaport, but approved a final cease-fire that included the lifting of the siege.
(REUTERS/Suhaib Salem)
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Zabadani truce fails

Article by Tareq al Abd Posted Wed, Aug 27 
Syria's battle lines are shifting as new fronts open across the country.
(REUTERS/Shaam News Network)
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