A Sahrawi woman takes a picture with her mobile phone during the 35th anniversary celebrations of their independence movement for Western Sahara from Morocco, in Tifariti, southwestern Algeria February 27, 2011. (photo by REUTERS/Juan Medina )

Western Sahara May Also Request UN Observer Status

Author: alkhabar

Khatri Eddouh, the president of the Sahara National Council and head of the Polisario Front’s negotiating team with Morocco, did not rule out that the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) may request UN recognition as an observer state, like Palestine did. He said that Morocco should reassess its occupation of Western Sahara, which he said resulted in no gains for Morocco and did not change the facts on the ground. He asked influential countries to help with a solution and extricate Morocco from the impasse that it put itself in.

SummaryPrint Inspired by the successful Palestinian bid for non-member observer status at the UN,  Khatri Eddouh, president of the Sahara National Council and head of the Polisario Front’s negotiating team with Morocco, said that Western Sahara may follow suit, Reda Shannouf reports.
TranslatorRani Geha

Yesterday, at a press conference in the media center of his country’s embassy in Algiers, Eddouh said that the Palestinian people’s victory is also a moral and psychological victory for the Sahrawi people, even though the world and the region are treating the two issues differently. In response to a question, he said that SADR may request UN recognition as an observer state at any time.

Eddouh called on the major world powers and the countries close to the conflict to reconsider their positions. He said that those countries should give the Sahrawi people the chance to decide their fate even if the result ends up favoring Morocco. He specifically named the United States, Britain, China and Russia. He also mentioned France and Spain.

Eddouh discussed the course of negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front since the 1991 cease-fire through the era of UN mediator Christopher Ross. Eddouh spoke about Ross’s oral report to the UN Security Council after his historic visit to the region. Eddouh stressed that all direct and indirect negotiations that have been gone on since June 2007 between Morocco and the Polisario Front have been fruitless. This lack of results led Ross to consider other means to solve the conflict, such as contacting major powers and regional countries and requesting support from the UN General Assembly and Security Council for his mission to find a solution that would grant the Sahrawi people their right to self determination. Eddouh stressed that if a solution does not come, the area may explode, and that that would threaten the security and stability of the region.

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