Kuwait's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed Al Sabah performs a ritual with incense after arriving for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting in Riyadh March 10, 2011. (photo by REUTERS/Fahad Shadeed )

Kuwait, Oman Mediate in Yemen

Author: alkhaleej

Reliable Yemeni political sources revealed the latest Gulf mediation efforts to reach a consensus between Yemeni and South Yemen leaders abroad over contentious issues. The objective is to pave the way for the participation of the south in the National Dialogue Conference scheduled to take place later this month in Sanaa.

SummaryPrint Kuwait and Oman are attempting to mediate with officials in Yemen’s capital Sanaa and leaders in the country’s south ahead of this month’s crucial National Dialogue Conference, reports Abdel al-Salwi.
TranslatorJoelle El-Khoury

The sources noted that a Kuwaiti-Omani mediation initiative was recently launched to convince South Yemen’s leaders abroad — most notably former vice president Ali Salim al-Beidh and former prime minister Haidar al-Attas — to overturn their stance of not participating in the National Dialogue Conference, and their demand that the issue of the south be the first item on the conference’s agenda.

The sources added that the Kuwaiti-Omani mediation was launched at the request of Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi before his Gulf tour to Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Muscat.

The sources believed that responding to the emergency Gulf mediation is the southern leaders’ last opportunity to be among the participating parties in the dialogue — and that if these leaders preserve their radical position, they will be completely excluded from it. 

The sources pointed out that the mediation to communicate with southern leaders, who oppose the national dialogue, was requested by Kuwait and Oman, given their ties with southern leaders and their willingness to reconcile competing views in order to increase the chances of success of the National Dialogue Conference.

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