Former spy chief and presidential candidate Omar Suleiman talks during an interview with Reuters at his office in Cairo April 14, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih)

Protesters Blame US for Death of Former Egypt Intelligence Chief

Author: almasryalyoum

Major General Omar Suleiman, 76, former Egyptian vice-president and intelligence chief under Hosni Mubarak, died while undergoing medical tests at a Cleveland hospital.

SummaryPrint After former Egyptian presidential candidate and Mubarak-era Intelligence Chief Omar Suleiman died on Thursday, July 20, some supporters blamed the US and the Muslim Brotherhood of having “killed him.” Suleiman will receive a military funeral in Cairo.
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Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali announced that the president had sent a letter of condolences to Suleiman’s family and that a presidential representative would attend the funeral. Suleiman will receive a military funeral in line with military protocols.

An Egyptian diplomat in Washington said the Egyptian embassy began the process of moving the body to Cairo, adding that two of his three daughters were with him in the US.

As the news of his death spread yesterday morning [July 19] on social-networking sites, protesters in front of Al-Minassa Square in Nasr City accused the Brotherhood and the United States of "killing him."

Author Ahmed Taha al-Naqr, the spokesman for the National Association for Change, asked for an autopsy. The Revolutionary Front for the Protection of Egypt called on Suleiman supporters to rally at the airport to welcome him and bid farewell to the man it described as "the noble knight.”

Suleiman’s death was met with mixed reactions. Researcher Amr Hashem Rabih said this could put an end to pending issues related to the former regime. However, he stressed that the "cabinet of secrets" lies within the National Security Agency, and not within Suleiman himself.

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