Iraqi people unload their belongings from a bus that has travelled from Syria, after arriving in Baghdad 07/02/2012. (photo by REUTERS/Saad Shalash)

Syria’s Iraqi Community Attacked, Displaced by Syrian Forces

Author: alhayat

The Displacement and Migration Committee in the Iraqi parliament denounced the ongoing attacks against the Iraqi community in Syria. Meanwhile, an MP from the Al-Iraqiya List (the Iraqi National Movement) announced that Syrian troops are arresting Iraqi youth on a regular basis, forcing them to leave their homes and return to Iraq.

SummaryPrint In the ongoing Syrian crisis, Syrians are not the only ones being displaced. Hussein Dawed reports that Syrian forces are ordering Iraqis in Syria to leave their homes and return to Iraq, where the government is preparing for a mass influx of Iraqi refugees.
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According to Liqaa Wardi, chairperson of the committee, “The Iraqi community in Syria, especially in Damascus, is continually being subjected to abuse and attacks as a way of forcibly displacing them.” She added, “Many Iraqis left their neighborhoods in Damascus because of the attacks that were escalating against them. They were deprived of their property and money.” Wardi expects that the coming weeks will witness a mass exodus of Iraqis from Syria to Iraq due to the violence. “In order to forestall any further deterioration, the Iraqi government set up makeshift tents on the Syrian-Iraqi border in the Anbar province to receive the displaced,” said Wardi. She urged the government to speed up its preparations for building camps in case the events in Damascus flare up again.

For his part, MP Walid Al-Mohammadi from the Al-Iraqiya List also said that Iraqis in Syria are being forced to leave their homes. “According to our information, Syrian forces arrested a number of young Iraqis in Damascus and told them to leave their homes and return to their country, otherwise they will be deported to the Iraqi border,” he said in a statement.

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