Syria In Crisis

For Many Assad Supporters, Other Paths Appear Riskier

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012 | Layla M., Contributor

Syrians opposed to Assad’s rule often get more media attention, but a visit to Damascus shows that a sizeable — and perhaps decisive — part of the population supports, or at least doesn’t resist, his remaining in power. Some even blame parents who bring their children to protests — to “get shot and killed” — for fueling violence.

Has Assad Won The First Round In The Battle For Damascus?

Tuesday, Jul. 24, 2012 | Layla M., Contributor

The Syrian opposition scored a big victory last week with the assassination of members of Assad's inner circle, but the gains quickly slipped through their fingers in the face of the regime's overwhelming might. Layla M. goes to crucial Damascus neighborhoods in the battle, where she talks to city residents.

Crumbling Syrian Regime Casts Long Shadow Over Region

Tuesday, Jul. 24, 2012 | Henri J. Barkey

The bombing that killed senior regime officials in Syria is just another sign that Bashar al-Assad’s regime is on its way out sooner or later, writes Henri J. Barkey. Syria’s disintegration will quickly be felt in Iraq, already on the brink of sectarian violence, and ties between Iraqi and Syrian Kurds will increase pressure on both Turkey and Iran.

In Syria, Ramadan Bustle Eclipsed by Plans to Escape

Saturday, Jul. 21, 2012 | Layla M., Contributor

The start of Ramadan in Damascus usually sees Syrians wishing family and friends well as they scurry between shops buying supplies for the sunset meal which breaks the fast, writes Layla M. from the Syrian capitol. But this Ramadan, most of the activity on the street is at protests and funerals as Damascenes flee neighborhoods under siege. 

Damascus Spring?

Wednesday, Jul. 18, 2012 | Layla M., Contributor

Layla M., on the ground in Damascus, reports that amid sporadic artillery fire and power outages, with helicopters whirring overhead, residents verged on jubilation. But the city was a ghost town Wednesday night, hopes tempered by fears ranging from economic paralysis to chemical weapons.


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